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So you have taken the time to learn more about Prepaid phones reviews, Congratulations! You’re going to save a lot of money. Prepaid phones are a break away from all those nasty contracts that have you locked down in for lengthy periods of time, and in these hard economic times; we all need to save money. Below are links to our all our prepaid reviews of the different prepaid phone companies, so you can research the different ways you can save.

What is a prepaid phone? This isn't a silly question, as many people have been under contracts for so long they didn't know there is a better option out there that gives you full control of your budget. You will be able to sleep at night without having to worry about a scary unexpected bill at the end of the month with extra cost that you never expected.

Basically, if you want a great phone that you own outright and have complete control of your spending, then you should give the prepaid reviews section of our site some research. You will find that you don't even have to buy a phone on some prepaid plans. You can purchase the sim card outright and install it in your unlocked GSM phone.


One thing from a sales point of view, if you, for example, to walk into your local phone shop, and ask about prepaid phone they will almost twist your arm off to convince you that a contract phone is better. These sales guys get large commissions from the contract sales. So it is in the sales person's best interest to sell you a contract, with disregard for the money you could be saving with prepaid plans.
Well, if there is one thing, we like to do here at Wontek is help you find the best deal, and you're already an expert in prepaid, you might be able to help someone else on this site. As many people have questions about prepaid phones and plans.
Our Prepaid Reviews are the best on the web, due to the fact that we allow unbiased opinions so you can make the right choice. If you're looking for a way to compare different plans side by side you can use our Compare Prepaid phone plan's tool.

Have a great review? You can send us a review to on the contact page, and we will put it on the site with full credit to you. The people at Wontek are here because in some way they have been in a position where they need to save money and found that there was only one thing to do but go prepaid, we too have been caught in contracts and loop holes, so we understand where you are coming from.
If there is any information, you believe is missing from our Prepaid Reviews, please let us know on our contact page, and we will update as soon as possible so you have the best contract cell phone plans.