Walmart Family Mobile Review

Walmart Family Mobile Reviews

Well yup again another Walmart branded service aimed to save your family money. This time the service is powered by the T-Mobile's network so I guess they are a reseller. Walmart already has under its belt Straight Talk that has been offering affordable plans since July last year read more here.

So when this one came along I thought we had better investigate. Walmart love them or hate them are going all out to take a hit of the mobile cell phone industry; and they do it well. Unlike Straight Talk Walmart Family mobile offers high end phones and smart phones as well as the basic phones that are still in some demand. So immediately it stands out as a winner from the point of view that there trend is steeply heading towards Smart phones.

The plan are centered around like the name says “Family” and I was so I when I saw the Family of Two plan for $70 I was ecstatic.

One thing you must note: Data is a separate purchase, it is called I will cover WebPak here.

So here are the Walmart Family Mobile Plans:

Single Line:
$45ex tax per month = Unlimited domestic talk & text

Family of Two:
$70ex tax per month = Unlimited domestic talk & text

Family of Three:
$95ex tax per month = Unlimited domestic talk & text

Family of Four:
$120ex tax per month = Unlimited domestic talk & text

Family of Five:
$145ex tax per month = Unlimited domestic talk & text

Conditions & bonuses that stand out:
*Each handset requires a $25 Sim activation kit initially
*Included with each activation kit there is a 100MB web pack valued at $10.00.
*Webpacks are shared amongst each phone on the plan.
*You can monitor and allocate the webpak data from a web interface and filter traffic
*Data is measured in 1MB increments.
*They also mention that you can BYO phone as-well, so I am guessing that would be either an unlocked GSM phone or a Mobile that's locked to the T-Mobile network, so this is great news.

The Phones offered:

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