Beware! 9 Volt Li-ion USB Rechargeable Batteries 5400mWh on eBay - A Scam!

Submitted by Dave Won. on Tue, 06/20/2023

I recently purchased the so-called "9 Volt Li-ion USB Rechargeable Batteries 5400mWh" from a seller on eBay, and I have to say, it was a complete disappointment. These batteries turned out to be a scam, misleadingly marketed and falling far short of their claimed specifications. Let me share my experience and reveal the truth behind these batteries.

Firstly, the most blatant deception is the supposed 9-volt rating. In reality, these batteries are nothing more than 7.4 volts. This misrepresentation can lead to serious issues when using them in devices specifically designed for 9-volt batteries. It's simply unacceptable to advertise a product as one thing and deliver another.

Furthermore, the claim of 5400mWh capacity is outright false. Upon testing, I discovered that these batteries only hold a meager 3700mWh of power, far below the promised capacity. This means they will not last as long as genuine 9-volt batteries and may require more frequent recharging, defeating the purpose of purchasing rechargeable batteries in the first place.

The quality of these batteries is also highly questionable. While they are advertised as "USB rechargeable," the charging process is incredibly slow and inefficient. It took hours to fully charge these batteries, which is simply impractical in today's fast-paced world. Additionally, the batteries tend to lose their charge quickly, even when not in use. This unreliability is frustrating and defeats the purpose of having rechargeable batteries.

It is often said, "You get what you pay for," and that statement holds true for these batteries. With a seemingly attractive price tag, it's tempting to give them a shot. However, it quickly becomes evident that they are nothing more than cheap knockoffs, not worth a fraction of what they claim to be.

To make matters worse, the customer support from the seller was nonexistent. When I attempted to raise my concerns and request a refund or exchange, my messages went unanswered. It's clear that these sellers are only interested in making a quick buck and have no regard for customer satisfaction or product integrity.

In conclusion, the 9 Volt Li-ion USB Rechargeable Batteries 5400mWh being sold on eBay are a complete scam. They are falsely advertised as 9 volts, when they are actually 7.4 volts, and the claimed 5400mWh capacity is a mere fabrication, as they only hold 3700mWh. The charging process is slow and inefficient, and the overall quality is subpar. Save yourself the disappointment and invest in genuine, reliable rechargeable batteries from trusted brands. Don't fall for this scam – it's simply not worth it!