SafeLink Reviews 2019

Submitted by Dave Won. on Thu, 04/25/2019 - 09:46

SafeLink founded in 2008 is a free phone service that is subsidized by Lifeline a US Government funded program that gives up to $9.25 towards a phone service for households that live below the poverty line. The is a limit of (1) household per subsidy. SafeLink is one of dozens of companies that have services under this program.

SafeLink is a subsidiary of Mexican company América Móvil that also has Tracfone, Straight Talk and Net10 and others.

If your household qualifies for the program you will either get a basic phone or BYO phone and get a simcard for an unlocked phone that you already own. There is exceptions for Califonia.

Using your own phone you get a free simcard and either:

  • 1,000 voice minutes, Unlimited Text & 1.6 GB (1600 MB) of Internet data.
  • 350 voice minutes, Unlimited Text & 2.5 GB (2500 MB) of Internet data.

In California:

  • Unlimited voice, Unlimited Text & 4GB (4000 MB) of Internet data.
  • Free smart phone, Unlimited Voice, Unlimited Text and 3 GB (3000 MB) of Internet data.

The internet is 3G/4G LTE  primarily using the AT&T GSM network depending on your phone capabilities and coverage area.

The greatest problem is that the Lifeline program has been open to abuse since it started, multiple people in households have signed up for the program suing bogus addresses and documentation. Given that there is over 5 million people in SafeLink alone this costing tax payers close to half a Billion dollars just for SafeLink.