SafeLink Reviews

SafeLink Reviews


The SafeLink service is yet another phone company under Tracfone. The service is supposed to be a Lifeline for people that live under the US poverty line by giving them a free phone and services, restricted to one phone per household. The problem with this is they have no idea what they are doing, for example they might have a person living in a block of units with the same physical address of someone else that lives in the same block, when these people apply for a free phone they are denied and accused of have a phone already. This phone service is bad and they treat customers like second rate citizens. On top of this it seems to be abused by people that no how to abuse these programs.
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Networks used: VerizonCDMA Netork

SafeLink phones depend on where you live as to which phone you receive. Most of the phones they offer are on our Tracfone Reviews page. There is further reading at this Safelink Article here.

Coverage also depends on which phone you are given, but the large majority of phones are on the use the Verizon network. The handsets are only 2G voice and data connections are limited or not enabled. When you’re getting a phone for free, this shouldn’t really matter.
As stated earlier the phones that are free are often the same under the Tracfone brand, and these are only $9 to buy from a store, so for many people it could be easier to go to a store and by a phone from  Tracfone over the counter as the Tracfone plans are similar in price.

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