MEGAtalk by iWireless Reviews

MEGAtalk by iWireless review

With so many new companies or resellers to the wireless market over the last year today we checkout a company called iwireless™, the company based in Urbandale Iowa, has been around since 2006 and has started branching out nationally over the past year.  i wireless™ company aka (Iowa Wireless) is now another affiliate of T-Mobile™, operating on the GSM-1900 band and AWS-1700 (Advanced Wireless Services) bands therefore allowing the service to be operated on a large array of cell phone handsets. Iowa is were the best coverage is located with 100+ local repeater cell towers, the rest of the time coverage is roaming in other states


Frequencies used on the T-Mobile Network



Current  Phones on offer:

Alcatel One Touch MINIAlcatel OT-305AAlcatel OT-808A PinkMotorola A45Eco-small.jpg Motorola RAZR V3 - Pink
Alcatel One Touch MINIAlcatel OT-305AAlcatel OT-808AMotorola A45EcoMotorola RAZR V3 - Pink
Nokia 1208Nokia 2720 Sony Ericsson W200a Samsung SGH-t219 Samsung SGH-t419-small.jpg
Nokia 1208Nokia 2720Sony Ericsson W200aSamsung SGH-t219Samsung SGH-t419


The service:

iwireless™ has an unlimited plan called the MEGAtalk™  Nationwide - Unlimited Talk + Text + Web as a lot of people are looking for unlimited these days as the web has taken over the daily functions in lives. MEGAtalk™  Nationwide plan costs $50ex  a month so it very affordable, it is however limited in coverage nationwide, roaming souly on T-Mobile's towers is bound to anger customers traveling etc.

To get connected with I-Wireless you can do so at their website or at many of the Fry's Drug & Food chains have displays.


Coverage map:

Megatalk Iwireless Coverage Maps

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