AT&T GoPhone Prepaid Reviews

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GoPhone AT&T Reviews
Operating on:
GSM Network
GoPhone is AT&T’s prepaid phone brand, after reviewing and using the GoPhone network for many years assessing the customer service and a wide range of phones, I have come to the decision that this is the best prepaid provider in the country. The only thing that I would say could be a major factor stopping someone from connecting with GoPhone might be the price. Our GoPhone Reviews cover many of the phones that are being offered at the moment.
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Why is the price in many cases much more than other providers?
The price is probably higher than other providers like Tracfone and other MVNO’s, because the service is like driving a Ferrari, and other cheaper providers like driving a used car from the 80’s. Does that make sense? It simple is a the best service, with shops and call centers in the US that are always willing to help with any technical issues that may be experienced. So if service is something, you value the most, then seriously consider giving GoPhone a run. Remember it is prepaid so you have nothing holding you to the prepaid plan.
What is the coverage like?
The coverage is simply amazing and on par with Verizon in many cases, unless you use your GoPhone sim card in an iPhone, then you might have some call drops, but this isn’t an AT&T network problem.
We have reviewed a number of Smart phones and cell phone below so you can check them out. Some of the reviews are video reviews, which give an even more detailed look at the handsets.
The GoPhone Pre-paid plans details:
  • $50/Monthly Unlimited plan includes unlimited talk, text, and access to Internet, email, social networks, and more! (Smartphone users must purchase a separate data package.)
  • $2/Daily Unlimited plan includes text, IM, picture, sound, and video messages nationwide. Pay only on days used. Data packages can be added for Web access. Plus, Unlimited Plans include text & IM to Mexico, Canada, and over 100 countries.
    - 10¢/Minute plan offers your choice of additional text and data packages.
  • Rollover Balance® lets you carry over unused balance if refilled before balance expires.
AT&T Calling Plans
$50 Monthly Unlimited Plan
$2 Daily Unlimited Talk and Text
10¢/Minute Plan
Rate plan charge
All nationwide calls
Text messages
or buy package
Text & IM to Mexico, Canada
& 100 other countries
25¢/message sent
received or buy package
Data/mobile Web browsing

Smartphone users must purchase
a data package to use data
services with any plan
Pay per use or buy package
Pay per use or buy package
Calling and messaging are available only if your account balance is sufficient to cover the applicable rate charge.

*$2/day is charged only on days phone is used to make or receive a voice call (including a call to voice mailbox), use IM, or send a text or picture/video/sound message. A $2 minimum account balance is required each day to place or receive a call, use IM, or send a message. Unlimited text within the U.S. includes text, IM, and picture/video/sound messages. Unlimited text to Mexico and over 100 countries includes text and IM only. See AT&T for a full list of countries available for text messaging with this plan.

**Smartphone users: You may use your smartphone on all GoPhone plans. A data package is required to use any data services on your device. Pay-per-use data is not available on smartphones.
Coverage map:
AT&T Wiress Coverage map