AT&T Huawei U2800A Review

Submitted by Dave Won. on Sat, 01/21/2012

The AT&T U2800A is a base model cell phone that you can get for around the $20 mark. This phone is suited to someone who wants a really basic phone for making phone calls or texting. For someone who is on vacation, and they want a phone that they don’t really care about so much, or will have lesser chance of being stolen then this phone is the way to go. The AT&T U2800A is made by Huawei and is one of the cheapest phones that you can get on the AT& GoPhone prepaid network. This phone is 3G, but it will be a hard to take advantage of the 3G speeds given the phone only has a basic WAP browser that was great on cell phones two years ago. This phone has not got a Camera or a memory card slot. All in all, it is a $20 cell phone.AT&T huawei U2800A Review