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Net10 Reviews

Networks used:

Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile

A sub company of Tracfone, Net10 has been operating since 2004. The company shares many of the phones that are offered under the Straight Talk brand.
Unlimited plans are a more recent addition to the Net10 lineup, priced at $50 for Calls, Text and Web. Furthermore, Net10 has introduced a BYO program, where you can bring an unlocked GSM over to the company, and use either Net10 GSM Sim card pack that is either AT&T or T-Mobile compatible.
Many iPhone owners have turned to the BYO phone program. This move is primarily because the plans they have been using with other providers have been way too expensive. After reading this you'll be able to get the best deal on a net10 phone.


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If I was going to recommend one phone out of all the ones offered I would suggest the ZTE Merit as this phone is just a great little performer, and is very easy to use.
If you’re not into touch screen phones, then the LG900G is a great phone too,  it feels like a blackberry to use.
Many of the customers who use the Net10 service have been with the company since the start, and talk very highly of the service, and the money, they a have saved over the years.
The network coverage depends on which phone you purchase, many of the basic phones that are used on Net10 are using Verizon and T-Mobile network.  However, some of the Android phones that are offered utilize the Sprint & AT&T networks. So as far as coverage goes to you’re going to get the best out of city coverage on AT&T and Verizon based handsets.
30 Day Monthly Plans – No Carryover Minutes or Service Days
Price ex-tax
Unlimited International Calling 30 Day Plan
Unlimited 30- DAY Monthly plan
750 Minutes 30-DAY Monthly plan
Pay As You Go – Carryover Minutes and Service Days
Price ex-tax
900 Minutes & 90 Days of Service
600 Minutes & 60 Days of Service
300 Minutes & 60 Days of Service
200 Minutes & 30 Days of Service
Web Exclusives – Carryover Minutes and Service Days (not in stores)
Price ex-tax
1500 Minutes & 180 Days of Service

Coverage map: Net10 Coverage Map

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