Windows 7

Windows 9 Possible Return of the Start Menu

Microsoft is going to reveal Windows 9 to the world, the successor to the embattled Windows 8 and 8.1 OS at a Windows Event on September the 30th in San Diego.

The rest of us fortunately don’t have to wait with several screenshots leaked on the web of the updated user interface.

So you have seen the error 404, Page not found or website not found… what causes this? Well the most common cause of this simply is that the page that you were looking for is literally not in existence any more.

Other reasons you might get this error is simple things like typing the wrong address, the wrong URL or domain name. Often when you use a search engine the results that you get might link to a page that has been deleted since it was scanned by the search engine spider.

STOP 0x00000124

So you’re seeing the  Blue Screen of death STOP 0x00000124, first let me start by saying that this error is as far as errors go is up there with the worst, so we will go through some logical steps to try to fix this issue.

The 3 main reasons this error may appear:

Windows 7 Test mode message

Windows 7 Test mode removal

Pretty easy to fix this problem in Windows 7, there are a few ways of fixing it try the first method first and restart the computer after running each solution, the message should be gone after. It is always best to be logged on as an administrator to fix these issues.

Method  #1

Click on Start, and then type cmd in the Search box.

Windows 7 in my eyes

So I can't be the only one here who was completely disappointed with windows vista when it first came out, or even now. Windows Vista was rushed and under developed, it should not have been released when it was. Then when Windows 7 was announced I told myself just to stick with windows XP and leave the new operating systems (OS) alone, but then I got invited to beta test windows 7, I figured why not  it was free. I fell in love with it, even in the beta stages I liked it more than windows Vista. In my opinion windows Vista was the beta for Windows 7 beta.

This small laptop that half way between a laptop and a netbook is a beautiful little machine for the price the one that we purchased for our review was from BestBuy in store.