FIXED: bsod error 124 (Blue Screen of Death) Windows 7

STOP 0x00000124

So you’re seeing the  Blue Screen of death STOP 0x00000124, first let me start by saying that this error is as far as errors go is up there with the worst, so we will go through some logical steps to try to fix this issue.

The 3 main reasons this error may appear:

  • Overheating of CPU or motherboard (especially if the error is intermittent)
  • Updated Drivers have failed during install
  • Memory issues RAM and GPU RAM

As far as overheating goes, if you are noticing that the errors is more frequently crashing with this error message then, there may be some dust clogging up the CPU cooling system, in the case of a laptop you might be able to clear the cooling system with some compressed air. Desktop computers too need to have dust removed with compressed air to help the CPU cool.
Desktop computers as they get a bit older can have issues with the cooling compound getting hard and not effective, so that might be something that will need to be replaced in time.
If the error started displaying immediately after installing or updating hardware, new drivers or even new software then remove the hardware or software, and use system restore if enabled to restore the computer to a snapshot that was working.

When it comes to memory problems, testing it can take a very long time, has software that you can use to test your RAM. The quickest way to eliminate bad RAM is to put new or spare memory in it, but as you may not have access to good memory to do a test, you may have to run long lengthy test of memory that can take up to 5 hours depending on the speed of the memory and capacity.

If all else fails, computers have become so cheap now that, sadly (or lucky for you) you might be able to just get a new computer, and install Windows 7 over the top of Windows 8.