What is a prepaid phone?

Submitted by Eric Smith on Mon, 12/19/2011 - 15:51

So you’re interested in prepaid phones! Prepaid phones are a great way to control the amount of money that you spend per month or even per day based on your budget. The best part about prepaid is that you only spend money that you already have, so no surprise bills! Changing prepaid companies and plans at anytime is possible usually without any exit fees or loss in most cases.

Another great thing you will get with a prepaid phone plan is a phone that is yours to keep, rather than a phone you have to pay off for many years that possibly was never really worth the amount you paid for it.

Prepaid is also a great way to stick it to the phone shops that seem to have a way of ripping you off every time you walk in the door with their evil contracts and crappy accessories they try to sell.

Some of the companies that have the best prepaid brands are Tracfone, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile. These are just some of the companies that have great contract free phone deals.

There are also some pretty good phones on the market these days, including Android and Blackberry devices that are on these plans.

If you would like to know more about prepaid brands in the US, you can check out prepaid companies on our prepaid review's section. In our reviews, we go over the different brands and even have a look at the phones and functions that they have. In addition, there is also some video of the phones and their features.

We love to hear stories of how you have been able to save money with prepaid, so please tell us your tips and tricks, so we can let others know of a way to save money in these harsh economic times where the little man/woman like us are suffering while the rich get richer.