Audio Problems with Realtek Audio Chipsets still persists in 2023

Submitted by Mike on Wed, 02/01/2023

It’s fair to say that modern computers are more stable and reliable than they were 20 years ago, but could the same be said for the sound on a Windows based computer? If you answered no then you would be correct. Just about every time Windows pushes one of its automatic updates audio and sometime Bluetooth drivers become either unstable or removed because the update sees the drivers as old and sometimes not verified through Windows driver certification program WHQL.

In someway this is good, but for the most of us it is annoying because we have to re-install drivers in the case of the Realtek Audio Drivers the same old driver that is from 2017 because there hasn’t been an update from the manufacture since that year. Of course, when the drivers get removed by Windows update that also means the microphone doesn’t work either . So if Windows has done an update and you’re just about to do some work and you have no sound you going to be angry. First thing to do is test you sound card and test the microphone, once it has been established that the sound card isn’t function it’s time to re-install the drivers. If in fact the sound is a Realtek chipset then installing the Realtek Audio Drivers for Windows 11/10 should  fix the issue. If the problem persists then there could be a bigger issue with the actual audio hardware.

Backing up the existing drivers on the computer should be on of the first thing that a person does to make sure that you can go back to the previous drivers if there is no resolution with an updated driver. The latest version of Drivers Backup! Is now freeware and can be used to backup drivers all the way through to Windows 11.

If after these actions, the computer is still not producing sound then a trip to a trusted computer store might be in order. If the computer is under warranty or is brand new,  get a refund.