Skype on WP8 without a Microsoft account.

Earlier this year Microsoft made the decision that Skype for Windows Phone 8 would no longer allow login using a Skype user name, forcing people to have either a Microsoft account or basically not use Skype.

So what is wrong with that right? Well some of us simply do not want to have a Microsoft account and want to sign-in to Skype the same way we have for nearly 10 years. Other platforms don’t have this restriction that Microsoft created, Only Windows Mobile.

Android and the battle with Malware

Submitted by Dave Won. on Fri, 07/06/2012 - 15:56

During the last year, the Android OS has been plagued with Malware, almost gaining a reputation that Microsoft gained with Windows OS on desktop computers during the last few decades. So why is Android being attacked with Malware? This is a good question given that it is based on Linux OS an Operating System that has always been known for not needing anti-malware/Antivirus software.