GoPhone LTE Coming 2013

Submitted by Dave Won on Wed, 09/19/2012

A source has informed us AT&T’s LTE is coming to GoPhone in 2013 (GoPhone is AT&T’s prepaid brand), now this might not be huge news but for some people, but is something that current GoPhone users are hanging out. There a lots of LTE phones that will become attractive to GoPhone users. This will make also make AT&T the first company to offer LTE in the states, which is a big deal as the network expands and the speeds offered finally reach potential.

So you might ask what is the use of having LTE on prepaid given the current data cost on GoPhone 3G prepaid data? Well the other thing we have been told is there is going to a decent drop in the current cost of data 3G data and LTE alike (finally) and the amount that you’re allow to download, which I for one am looking forward too.

The LTE network won’t be offered at first to MVNO providers like Straight Talk or H2O for example, but will be offered in some capacity once the GoPhone LTE reached market ground.

There is not much more I can tell you about the GoPhone LTE only to say you can expect the same speeds that you would get on the AT&T current contract network, and for many that currently use AT&T LTE they will know that it isn’t as fast as they make out, but change is coming.