Wired.com’s hit Piece Obsession About Twitter

Submitted by Dave Won. on

Wired.com is on a mission to write as many hit pieces about Twitter as it can. Since the take over of Twitter by tech visionary Elon Musk, many news companies have gone out of their way to write hit pieces on Elon’s take over of the tech giant. No company has done as much bitching as the tech news website wired.com Here is just a few of the headlines over the last few weeks:  

  • Elon Musk’s Twitter Is a Scammer’s Paradise by Matt Burgess
  • Twitter Is on a Collision Course With Europe by Morgan Meaker
  • Elon Musk Is Overloaded by Will Knight
  • Twitter Users Have Caused a Mastodon Meltdown by Amanda Hoover
  • After Twitter Staff Cuts, Survivors Face ‘Radio Silenceby Chris Stokel-Walker
  • How to 'Quiet Quit' Twitter by Lauren Goode
  • Elon Musk Has Put Twitter’s Free Speech in Danger by Vittoria Elliott
  • If Musk Starts Firing Twitter's Security Team, Run  by Lily Hay Newman
  • Twitter Users Flock to Other Platforms as the Elon Era Begins by Amanda Hoover

So what is the mission of these writers? Why does free speech and getting people to work hard for their income worry about such a 'news' company? The answer is probably much to do with their own work culture and pending layoffs at wired.  Wired is a dinosaur of the old tech reporting style we saw decades ago. For too long, tech companies like wired have employed writers to write hot stories to sell their subscriptions, but people are increasingly getting their news directly from social media sites, like Twitter. If you ask today’s generation who wired is they will be left scratching their heads.. they have no idea. So the hit pieces are more extreme, more hearsay to sell wired.com. Wired is more or less holding the mirror up to itself more than anything, as the tech industry does away with huge staffing that can be run with a much smaller group of staff and maybe one day just AI.