Why You Should Backup Your Computers Drivers

Submitted by Mike on Thu, 04/23/2020

You may be asking why would you backup your drivers, this is a good question but you have to start with why would you backup anything, obviously so you don’t loose information.

Backing up device drivers is an important part of any system upgrade because there is a chance of loosing them after the upgrade. This has become especially evident since Windows 10 upgrades (just between versions of Windows 10) these updates have knocked many devices in the OS or have replaced them with Generic drivers that may or may not perform as well as the original drivers. This has become especially true for Realtek sound cards. Hence why a backup of these drivers can be a great way to restore the functionality of the device that has be affected.

Backing up the drivers is also good as a routine measure even when there is nothing wrong you’re your computer because there is a very good chance that one day something will go wrong and you may not have the drivers that you need to do a restore on the system as most OEM’s do not provide driver discs or media for the devices anymore, instead want you to purchase or download the drivers from their website which may not always have the drivers you need. Drivers may not b provide by the manufacture anymore after the life of the product has ended.

How do you backup devices drivers? This is simple us a software like Drivers Backup to backup your drivers. The best part is the software is free to use. The basic software that does backup has been free for over 10 years. I have personally been using it as a technician for years to backup and restore drivers as it is an essential tool for any I.T professional. It is easy to use and pretty much anyone can use it with little technical knowledge.

What can you do with the drivers one they have been backed up? You can put them on a USB stick or even post them on the internet for others to use.