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Apple SmartPhone reviewsThe iPhone was introduced in Janurary 2007, and at this time there was nothing like it on the market. Based on the the popular hugely popular iPad devices it looked to please avid Apple fans, and bring Apple into the spotlight in a big way for the first time since the release of the iMac computers.
As of now these phones all (4) models to date are the most widely used Smart-phones in the world. Competitors like HTC, Motorola & Nokia are behind somewhat, but the competition is heating up. The iPhones are simple to use, have all the features you expect from a smart phone. The thing that has really pushed the iPhone forward is the huge amount of Applications & Music that can be downloaded starting at 99c. The latest iPhone (4) has been plagued with antenna issues causing reception issues, that the previous models didn't suffer from. The phones are on the AT&T Network, and soon to be one the Verizon CDMA network. These phones can be used on any GSM network with a method called “Jailbreak” which is the legal unlocking of a cell phone so it can be used on another provider.
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