Straight Talk International Review

Straight Talk has created a new service so existing customers can make International calls at a great rate. Link: Current price table

So basically if you want to make an international call you recharge in the International call section of your Straight Talk account with $5 is the minimum, and $25 is the maximum with your Credit Card.

You can register an unlimited amount of cell numbers that are able to access this feature, even phones that are not Straight Talk (How ever to this page you need to be a customer already).

The Straight Talk International rates are very good you can view there here or you can see them once your logged into the Straight Talk website.

Straight Talk International Review
Once you have registered your phones and topped up the Straight Talk  International account, you can dial 1-855-STR8-TLK (855-787-8855) and from Puerto Rico, USVI, Hawaii and Alaska dial 305-424-5811 and just follow the prompts to connect to your predefined contact.

The service quality is good, it does use VoIP that's how the rates are so competitive.




  • Doesn't allow International text.
  • VoIP will have latency this is expected.
  • This doesn't allow you to use your phone in other countries, just calls other countries from the US.