Samsung Galaxy Precedent Review

Submitted by Dave Won. on Thu, 09/15/2011 - 17:03

This is a nice phone, but it appears people’s thoughts about the Sprint network (this is the network that Straight Talk uses on this phone) is exactly what was feared. We got no coverage in Phoenix and we are not the only ones. Please let us know if you have had success where you live!

The phone is like any Android it is easy to use and the touch screen is good, battery life is fantastic, and you have access to the awesome apps on the Android Market place. The WiFi works well. There doesn’t appear to be any lock downs for any functions. Great phone 8/10! Coverage 0/10

Straight Talk has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Precedent will before September 2011 hit the shelves. This news will come as a shock to many, but there is no doubt this will sell like a California wild fire. One thing this is going to also do is stick it to the phone dealers with their nasty plans. So an everyday Joe like you and me can now have an Android, and unlimited Internet, calls and text. This phone is said to be on the Sprint Network. link: Sprint coverage map

here is the link to Download:  Userguide/Manual

Straight Talk Samsung Precedent

No you can't!!! Straight Talk says.. yes you can..