Cricket ZTE Score Review

Submitted by Dave Won. on Wed, 10/12/2011

For some time now is a ZTE has been making very cheap phones for prepaid, but recently they brought out their first Android phone which is the ZTE Score is out in the United States on the prepaid brand Cricket Mobile. Currently you can purchase this phone for $89 excluding tax at Best Buy and other good phone retailers. Just some of the features of this phone are the 3.5-inch  LCD screen which is the capacity screen touch screen.  As with most Android phones it has a proximity sensor so the phone knows when it is being tilted to one side. Android 2.3 OS gingerbread is installed powered by a 600 MHz CPU.  Probably one of the only features that really is lacking quality on this phone is its 3.2 megapixel camera it is not fantastic quality. The ZTE Score also has a GPS navigation software and hardware bulitin and has a Micro-SD slot for memory expansion. Included is a 4 GB Micro SD card which is a great value add especially when the phone is a cheap price already.

This phone is in the Sprint network which has great coverage in most of the major cities, but if you're a person is travelling into the country areas you’re probably not  going to find this phone as great as somebody in the city.

In any case go out and either get the phone hands on,  tested  it or watch our video review to find out more about  this new Cricket phone.

This is a fantastic phone for under $100 dollars it was $89 ex tax at Bestbuy and really is going to throw another spanner into the Prepaid Android market.

Cricket ZTE Score specs:

Network:CDMA 800, 1700/2100, 1900
Data: CDMA Data: 1xEV-DO rev.A
Display: 320 x 480 pixels 3.50 inches
Touch Screen:Capacitive with Proximity Sensor
Android (2.3) OS GingerBread
Processor:600 MHz
Camera: 3.2 megapixels
Video capture and playback
Internet browser: HTML Android
GPS Navigation
Memory Expansion:microSD, microSDHC
Maximum card size: 32 GB (4GB Card included)
Wi-Fi: Yes
USB: microUSB USB 2.0
Mass storage device, USB charging
Sensors: Accelerometer

$69 at Walmart.

Cricket ZTE Score Review

The New ZTE Score from Cricket.

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So, I got this phone last month for my birthday. I have loved it because it was an android, smartphone, blah blah blah. I was glad to have access to music, but there was a vast majority of music that I listen to, that just wasn't able to be found on muve music. I agree with some of the above comments where you 'Face end the call" because I've had that happen a few times. Other times, it's on speaker because I am lazy. The camera; it's a nice camera, the last camera I had didn't have zoom, and this one does. Sadly, both phones don't have flash, so if you're in a dark area, you're pretty much screwed. Also, like most phones' cameras, if you move slightly whilst taking a picture, it's going to be quite blurry. So I can't take pics of fast moving objects. /insert frown face. The battery: it's something that truly disappoints me because, hey, I'm a teenager. I use my phone ALL THE TIME. and it sucks when I have to recharge my phone after 8 hours because I listen to music in school on my phone. So basically, I recharge my phone three times: overnight, after school, and probably somewhere in the middle. Also, my charger only charges the phone when it's tilted upwards, why? I have no idea. I just pray to god that my dog doesn't accidentally knock it over. Also, it shuts off for no reason at times. I frequently look to check the time because I dislike looking at analog clocks, so when I pull out the phone for a subtle look and fnd out that it's off, I wonder why. And just a few moments ago, I was having tremendous trouble getting it on after the battery died on me. It took about 5 minutes, patience I don't have, and the restraint not to hurl the thing against the wall. Anyways, it has it's pros and cons, because when it comes to texting and whatnot, I think it's great. It just doesn't recognize names. . .which is odd. And the user dictionary is pretty much useless. Also, Cricket seems to be notorious for being hard to hear when talking on the phone. At least, with my experience that is. Okay, novel over.