Paypal phishing scam 2019

Submitted by Dave Won. on Thu, 07/11/2019

You would think by now that people would be sick of sending theses scam emails due to the fact that no one would seriously fall for these emails any more right? Wrong. These scumbags located in Africa are still trying to get to your paypal funds by getting you to login to a fake webpage that looks like the real thing, with one exception.. look at the address bar, and make sure you are on Never ever click a link in these fake emails, and if in doubt call the 1800 paypal support number for help. They never contact people with these kinds of emails. They will even use links from linkedin to get you to the scam site.


Re : [Update Activity] [Statement Verify] New ease resolved‌ issues - Confirmation‌ updates‌ added on July 11,2019 [92183171] (FWD).

Case ID Number: PP-003-523-157-760


Log in to your PayPal account as soon as possible

Dear [email protected],

We regularly check the activity of your ΡayΡal account. Recently, we found that some of the activities you are violating your agreement with us. Therefore, we have limited your account and can not offer the service for you.

What's going on?
We're concerned that someone may be using your PayPal account without your knowledge. Recent activity from your account seems to have occurred from a new location or under circumstances that may be different to usual.

You have 2 days from the date of your ΡayΡal restrictions to fully restore your account access through the Resolution Center. If we don't receive the information before this deadline, your account access may be further limited.

Resolution Center

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