Walmart Facial Recognition Cameras At Head Level

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 07/02/2014

Over the last 4 months Walmart has been trialing facial recognition systems with Facebook in many of its US stores.

The newest cameras are being trialed at head level in the technology sections with a screen with the flashing word “recording” these are to ease the customer in to the fact that there are cameras watching and make them not look as scary.

Also more head level cameras are now at the entrances of the stores, facing in and out of the lobby area.

So the whole idea of not looking up doesn’t really work now, you have to wear a hat and sunglasses and look at the ground when in store.

Or the best solution of all DON’T SHOP AT FRICKIN’ WALMART! And don’t use Facebook.

here is a link to our story we did back in February: Walmart and Facebook facial recognition