Net10 disappears from many Walmart stores

Submitted by Dave Won on Tue, 10/30/2012

During the last month, Tracfone’s Net10 brand has been disappearing from many Walmart stores around the country, one can only guess that this is to put more emphasis on Straight Talk and Tracfone brands. Or they could even be testing some geo marketing.

 Probably not a bad move for the company as the Straight Talk and Net10 brands offer the same phones and the plans with the exception the Net10 products are roughly 10% more to purchase than Straight Talk. Net10 also got new branding a few months ago, which was a major improvement over the old logos.

Most Best Buy stores have a large range of Net10 phones and radio shack and others are still an option if you’re a fan of the brand.

While this may not be big news, it might explain why we are seeing less of Net10. If you have noticed the Net10 brand removed from your local Walmart let us know below or in the forum (we are trying to get it fixed.. it has been offline for 2 years because of spam.)