New YouTube TV app startup sound 2022

Submitted by Dave Won. on

You can always hear Netflix's recognizable chime before a movie or show on the service starts.
It serves only as an auditory indication to indicate that you are viewing Netflix, but it's still cool.
In an effort to create a jingle that is equally iconic, YouTube is also adding one.

According to YouTube, there will now be a three-second sound clip when you watch a video on the TV app.
Google claims that as soon as you hear it, it lets you "know that something's about to show up on YouTube."

The company put all of its effort into creating this sound, working with Antfood, an audio studio, to create something that is "human, connected, expressive, and story-driven."

You can check it out on your TV right now to see if those emotions are faithfully portrayed by the sound.
Since YouTube reports that the deployment process is already in progress on TVs before the announcement, you might have already heard it.

The music is being accompanied by a new start-up animation as well.
YouTube receives its own animation to join this new chime, much like Netflix does with its N logo.

According to Google, this sound is now being made available on TVs and will be expanding over the following weeks and months.