How to Unblock Your Windows 10 Computer from a Network

Submitted by Dave Won. on Thu, 05/14/2020

If you have ever been blocked on a network or had restrictions placed on your internet connection there is a good chance that your computer was blocked via its MAC address (Hardware address). What is a MAC address? A mac address is a simple string of hexadecimal numbers/letters that give your computer a unique id on the network which a router then assigns an IP address associated with this address. So, when a computer has been blocked on a network based on this MAC address it can render the network connection useless if you can get it unblocked.

Enter Windows 10 random MAC addresses. This feature that is included with Windows 10, and following these simple steps will allow your computer to report to the router a random MAC address every time the computer requests a connection. Kids use this to get around blocks put in place by parents, or people that have been blocked at their local coffeeshop for downloading to many big files.

Another great use for this feature especially in public is to stop tracking and also it can be used to get around internet hotspots that allow 30 mins free internet based on your MAC address.

Here are the steps to change to random mac addresses:

Windows 10 Wifi Connection
First click on the wireless icon in the task tray
WIndows 10 Wireless Connections.
Click on properties for the connection you want to add random MAC address to
Random MAC Addresses on WIndow 10
By default Random MAC address will be off. Click on the drop down box.
Random Hardware addresses daily
You can choose to have random MAC address (Hardware Address) On, also have them change daily.

Then the last step is to disconnect you connection to the network, and reconnect and you are all set.

Note if the option to change the MAC address isn't available it could be due to the network drivers that you have installed. They not support the ability for Windows to take control of the MAC address layer, or they may need to be updated. In this case find the latest drivers for you wireless device from the manufactures website or look for example the Realtek 8812bu drivers needed to be updated before my daughters USB wifi device would allow random MAC addresses.