What is a smart phone?

Submitted by Eric Smith on Sat, 02/05/2011 - 01:24

A Smart Phone is a device like a cell phone but has many more functions than a traditional cell phone. The major differences between the two are the size of the LCD or LED Screen, there are more wireless functions such as GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities on the Smart Phone.

A major factor that makes these Smart Phones have the extra function is they have a lot faster data connections to the Internet and other data services. Smart phones generally have a powerful CPU (Central Processing unit) or computer, that is capable of  displaying 3D graphics.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 SmartPhone

Video and other features that require some processing power are able to be displayed. Many of the Smart phones that have come out in the last 4 years are touch screen either by using you fingers or using a Stylus pen on the LCD screen sensor to use icons in the Smart phone software environment.

Applications (better known as Apps) are a major feature of Smart phones across all major models. These Apps run on the Smart phone, enabling it to have large range of different software such as games, office & online services like Youtube and social networks from the palm of your hand.

Do I need a smart phone?

Well if you would find any of these features handy and would make you life easier then it would be a great choice for you.

What phone Should I get?

Depends on your budget really the are cheap smart phones that can be purchased through a prepaid provider like Straight Talk or you can fork out more money by getting the latest smart phone from a store The more expensive phones are on plans that last 12 or 24 months and the phone is given at some sort of discount if you stay under the contract that you signed.  Prepaid phones are cheap because they are locked to the network to ensure that you use their provider and can't be unlocked unless you recharge a certain amount money, and sometimes as it is with Tracfone they won't unlock the phones period.

So I hope that explains what a Smart is, if you have any questions please post them below.