FIXED: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

FIXED: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

This document is from the end users point of view not the website administrator.

So you just tried to go to your favorite website and you got the error HTTP 500 Internal Server Error! What does this mean, well provided you are still able to reach other unrelated websites on the web there are a few reasons that this website might be displaying this error, here are the top reasons:

  • The website is over loaded with traffic
  • The website is offline
  • The website is having upgrades done
  • The website is having some issues
  • The website server is being rebooted
  • Someone has hacked the website making it offline

What can you do? Well nothing technically but if there is an email address provided with the error message, or you know someone connected to the website you can let them know about the error. Many times they are aware of the problem; other times you might be the first person to let them know.

Is there something wrong with my computer? No but if you are seeing this message for all sites that you visit there could be.

Should I be panicked about this error? no… not unless you are the person that runs the website and this was an unexpected server issue.