Finding OEM Drivers For Computer Hardware Shouldn't Be A Nightmare

Submitted by Mike on Mon, 06/10/2019

As computer technician working in the industry for over 20 years, I have noticed an increasing trend in people fixing their own computing issues such as re-installing and operating system or install new drivers for a piece of hardware. I personally think this is great because at most it is a trivial matter and certainly not rocket science, it can be a little tricky if the hardware isn't officially supported by the OS that you are trying to setup the hardware on for example a webcam on Windows XP that was originally designed for Windows 2000, although very similar backbones are in the OS there are sometimes problems getting the hardware to fully operate or work at all. However there are websites that prey on those people wanting to find device drivers or re-install their OS.

Let me explain, the most popular websites on the internet offering so called free device driver downloads also are pushing their in house ransom-ware tool that says that it automates the device driver installation so you need not look through their site to find the matching driver. The software that is installed on the victims computer then finds the driver that is needed (so they say) then asks for a monthly subscription this amount I usually over $10 to install the driver.

The methods that are used by these deceptive companies has been ramping up since the mid 2000's and now because there is less of a need for people to install drivers they pushing it harder than ever.

There are very few websites that are honest when it comes to these device driver issues OEM Drivers website is one of the last sites that truly has a link directly to the driver need for the piece of hardware that you are needing to setup. I tested this when I needed to install a Realtek audio driver for windows 10 64 bit. For some reason I could access the manufactures site so I began looking on search engines. I am pleased that the driver on OEM drivers worked straight after install without an of the typical non-sense that I have become to expect on driver websites.

I hope this helps somebody out there, because the trickery out there is relentless and given the state of disposable technology and people wanting to maintain older technology, there is bound to more of a rise from the so called "guides".