Apple ID Scam

Submitted by Dave Won. on Thu, 05/21/2020

Scammers will stop at nothing to get hold of people’s money and even Apple accounts. Here is the latest scam where the email gets through many of the filters due to having the scammers notice hidden in a PDF file. The main thing is you report it as spam if your email provider has that feature, and don’t email or contact the scammer. Apple will never send an email like this. They even go as far as adding the Apple log to the header section of the PDF.  These emails are poorly written as the people are very uneducated.

If you have fallen for this scam contact Apple immediately and let them know. Also if you still have chance change your password and lock your account down ASAP.  For more information on this have a look at this page on Apples website.

All the best.  

AppleID Dear Client,We’ve noticed that some of your account informations appears to be missing orincorrect.Case ID: ID66509-0821LDue to these Violated Policies, You need to sign and verify it as soon as possible, you should do this soon because disabled accounts are eventually deleted along emails,iCloud , and other data stored with Apple.*Failure to do so, may result in your account being terminated.Copyright © 2020 Apple All rights reserved.Continue to Reinstate your Account