Net10 Motorola EX124G Review


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Well finally the long anticipated Net10 Motorola EX124G has hit the shelf over the weekend, and this phone has brought mixed reactions in the Net10 Camp. The main talking point about this model is the sensor touch screen that works best with the included stylus. As you might be able to tell from the unboxing video this phone is somewhat hard to use as a "touch screen" using your hands.  So if you like a stylus your in luck! otherwise I guess this phone may not be for you.

Priced at $80 ex tax at Walmart stores across the nation, it may be a little over priced (ok way over) for what it is considering there are models like the LG800G that are half the price and are easier to use. 

Applications: The phone has Java installed and your able to purchase Java games and apps using the data connection. I did not see any way to install apps using USB, or the SD card however if we find a way we will let you know.

There are no apps installed by default, but there are a few proprietary built in apps like calculator, stopwatch and others as expected.

The phone feels light in the hand but appears to be a good quality build, very similar to the LG800G

Overall the phone is a 4 out of 10, it will only appeal to stylus fanatics, as there is better phones on Net10 at a better price.

  • Bands: GSM Dual-band GSM850/GSM1900 GPRS/EDGE
  • OS: Proprietary
  • 4.21 inches long x 2.28 inches wide x 0.48 inch thick
  • 2.82 ounces
  • Battery Motorola BQ50 SNN5804A 910 mAh Battery
  • Talk Time: up to 3.3 hrs
  • Digital Standby Time up to 10.4 days
  • Charger (in USB port micro B)


  • 3.2" display resolution 240x400 pixels
  • 262K TFT
  • Touchscreen + stylus


  • Blue-tooth 2.1, USB high speed
  • USB Micro B, Mass storage device.

Memory and Data:

  • Micro SD (up to 32GB)
  • 64MB RAM / 128 MB ROM

moto ex124g keyboard

The virtual keyboard

Photo taken from the Motorola EX124G

Photo taken from the Motorola EX124G (click image for full size in new tab

Multimedia & Audio:

  • 3 mega-pixel camera
  • Video recording
  • Video / Audio: H.263, Playback QCIF 30fps, Capture QCIF 15fps, MP3, AAC, AAC+, MIDI
  • MPEG4 playback
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Music Player
  • FM Radio
  • Speaker-phone
  • SMS/MMS/Email


  • Vibrate
  • MP3 Ring-tones

net10 moto ex124g review
  EX124G: A very good looking phone..

  $80 @ Walmart



shu (not verified)


ummm u cant!! wuldnt make sense !! wrong os!!
don (not verified)
android apps I have not been able to download any android apps


tell me how do you download android apps too a non-android phone. it does not work for me.
sam (not verified)
dude the phone fricken sucks.


dude the phone fricken sucks.
deb (not verified)
touchscreen display


U r absolutely correct... same thing happened to my daughter's phone. We brought it n Jan 2012. Returned it 24 days later n now it happened again 60 days later n WalMart wont help me...i just lost $80 for the phone n $50 for the mins....?????can someone help me?0
DR Newman (not verified)


I thought that was an excellent review. I have a 900 and you give a first rate comparison.
Same here (not verified)
I agree


I agree with the comparison to LG800G. LG is cheaper and yet nearly same features. However my LG800G crapped-out a couple days later. Motorola was TWICE the price.
Alan Williams (not verified)
Installing Android apps on Ex124G


@Ralph On Thu, 09/15/2011 - 09:04 you said: "plus what's weird is the apps for an android phone works in my ex124g, but you have to install them on the micro card first and install back in the phone,can't explain it but it works" I don't have any trouble installing JAVA J2ME apps (files that end with .jar) but I don't have a clue how to install Android apps. Could you or anybody post step by step instructions on how to install and run an Android app?
Alan Williams (not verified)
EX124g locking feature


The locking can be disabled by: Click on Menu then Settings then Security then Auto Keypad Lock then Off.
JB (not verified)


open the back. it is a little hard but you can do it. U will find the sd slot next to the battery.
Anonymous (not verified)
how much is the EX124G?


how much is the EX124G?