Net10 Motorola EX124G Review


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Well finally the long anticipated Net10 Motorola EX124G has hit the shelf over the weekend, and this phone has brought mixed reactions in the Net10 Camp. The main talking point about this model is the sensor touch screen that works best with the included stylus. As you might be able to tell from the unboxing video this phone is somewhat hard to use as a "touch screen" using your hands.  So if you like a stylus your in luck! otherwise I guess this phone may not be for you.

Priced at $80 ex tax at Walmart stores across the nation, it may be a little over priced (ok way over) for what it is considering there are models like the LG800G that are half the price and are easier to use. 

Applications: The phone has Java installed and your able to purchase Java games and apps using the data connection. I did not see any way to install apps using USB, or the SD card however if we find a way we will let you know.

There are no apps installed by default, but there are a few proprietary built in apps like calculator, stopwatch and others as expected.

The phone feels light in the hand but appears to be a good quality build, very similar to the LG800G

Overall the phone is a 4 out of 10, it will only appeal to stylus fanatics, as there is better phones on Net10 at a better price.

  • Bands: GSM Dual-band GSM850/GSM1900 GPRS/EDGE
  • OS: Proprietary
  • 4.21 inches long x 2.28 inches wide x 0.48 inch thick
  • 2.82 ounces
  • Battery Motorola BQ50 SNN5804A 910 mAh Battery
  • Talk Time: up to 3.3 hrs
  • Digital Standby Time up to 10.4 days
  • Charger (in USB port micro B)


  • 3.2" display resolution 240x400 pixels
  • 262K TFT
  • Touchscreen + stylus


  • Blue-tooth 2.1, USB high speed
  • USB Micro B, Mass storage device.

Memory and Data:

  • Micro SD (up to 32GB)
  • 64MB RAM / 128 MB ROM

moto ex124g keyboard

The virtual keyboard

Photo taken from the Motorola EX124G

Photo taken from the Motorola EX124G (click image for full size in new tab

Multimedia & Audio:

  • 3 mega-pixel camera
  • Video recording
  • Video / Audio: H.263, Playback QCIF 30fps, Capture QCIF 15fps, MP3, AAC, AAC+, MIDI
  • MPEG4 playback
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Music Player
  • FM Radio
  • Speaker-phone
  • SMS/MMS/Email


  • Vibrate
  • MP3 Ring-tones

net10 moto ex124g review
  EX124G: A very good looking phone..

  $80 @ Walmart




I just upgraded my Motorola W376g flip phone to the new touch sensative EX124G. So far I like it. It has the look and feel of the more expensive smartphones, without the hugh price tag. I decided to go this route with Tracfone instead of switching to VirginMobile for a couple of reasons. The main reason was the cost of the basic VM 300 min/unlimited web plan increased from $25 to $35 mo when the new Motorola Triumph came out in July. It sells for $300 with no contract. Good deal, but compared to the avg $10 month I pay Tracfone it's a lot. I got triple minutes for life, so the $200 1500 minute web only airtime card will actually get me one year of service and 4500 minutes. That works out to be about 4.5 cents per minute and about 2.25 cents for each text message. (Tracfone deducts 1/2 a minute to send a text message). This EX124G has a stereo FM radio, plays MP3 and WAV files, has room for a 16 gig mini SD card + 50meg onboard user memory, has a horizontal qwerty keyboard for text messages, and stylus to help with the smaller "keys" of the vertical keyboard. It really does help with the smaller buttons, and there's little risk of it coming out of the phone accidentally. It has good resistance and a reassuring click to keep it held in place. I have yet to try the bluetooth capability, and the PC transfer cable is on order with some other accessories. This should be a great training tool to get me used to carrying a larger and more expensive device down the road.


I just recieved this phone from TracPhone. It has a terrible ECHO when I talk. Have not resoled this with Tracphone yet.


I have had the Moto Ex124G about 2 weeks now. I also have two LG 800G's. All my cell phones are triple minutes. Over all, the Ex124G has about the same capability as the LG 800G, but at a 60% price premium. Both phones have features the other does not. Not worth the extra cost in my opinion. What is better on the EX124 vs the LG 800G is the sound (reverb on the EX124G makes much better sound), the camera (3MP vs 2MP), The FM radio, The external storage (32GB vs a meager 4GB on the LG), accelerometer and position sensor (although not much on the phone takes advantage of it), screen size (240x400 vs 240x320), blacklisting individual numbers (a great feature missing on the LG), background noise (for those wanting to fool their significant other), and manufacturer support (though don't expect too much). What is worse on the EX124G vs the LG 800G is the calculator (simple arithmetic vs LG's scientific), the calendar scheduler (doesn't do weekly multiples as on the LG), touchscreen (doesn't do fingertip well), no included games (and some games that work on the LG do not work on the Moto), No separate Memo pad (the LG has one), no world clock (the Lg has one), harder to use (the LG is easier), no unit converter (the EX only does currency while the LG does currency plus linear, area and volume measure conversions), layout (the EX widgets are two large, and poorly integrated compared to the LG). Neither the EX124G nor the LG800G have WiFi or GPS. On both the EX124G and the LG800G, if it doesn't have a feature now, it is unlikely to ever have it. There is very little to no effort being invested in cool Java apps. All the development of cool apps and games is going to istuff and android stuff. If you just want an interim phone until something better comes out, the LG800G is a cheaper solution. The EX124G is a little bit better solution, but at a much higher cost.


I got my moto ex fo $65 at walmart i have net10 $50 dollars for unlimited everything! Touch screen works as good as my brothers iphone i have no need for the stylus.. And calls sound great! Im on it right now!


I bought this phone for $80 from Tracfone. Two days' ago I saw it in Walmart for $40. Compare before you buy!


absolute piece of junk. touchscreen function went out 6 weeks after i bought it. everything else works but the touchscreen and thats what u have to use to do anything. buyer beware


I'll likely keep this phone through the end of my current service, but then I might try something different. Some of the luster has worn off as I discover limitations with the built in features like the media player being slow to add music titles or failing to complete an update once I loaded about 1000 songs. Also, you can't adjust the volume once the display goes off even with the side buttons. The 3d sound is nice. The radio reception is spotty, so I probably won't use it as much as I thought. I got tired with having to keep unlocking the phone as it goes blank too quickly. I don't see where you adjust it. With the constant sliding I'm afraid I'll wear out the surface quickly in that area of the screen. I've also used up about 15 units miss hitting the web browser button. It's right where the back buttons tend to be, so if you double hit that area it is easy to activate the browser unintentionally.


I had a Samsung Galaxy Prevail which is a piece of shit, the voice mail app when you tab on it the phone locks, and when u unlock it you drop the call, I tried 3 different Samsung phones all did the same thing, so I email Walmart Corporate and in less than 24 hours the manager of the store I shop at apologized for the inconvience, plus I was on Boost which is also a crappy service, so after taking the manager up on his offer to come into the store he would make it right, so I went to the store and I decided to go with Net10 cause of all the good feedback I got on there service plus I was given the Motor EX124G for Free along with the $50 unlimited air time card plus a 18 month warranty which covers the screen which was a $40. dollar value, so all in all I got $170 dollars worth of merchandise and I love the phone,service is great the touch screen works with the stylus or finger,plus I downloaded a GPS app along with many more apps all free,some came from and some came from other sites,u have to do a little bit of searching but the free apps and Widgets,ringtones,wallpaper are out there but all in all,sometimes it helps to let the stores know sometimes when they screw up,espically after getting the shaft 4 times. Plus I have a 4 gig micro SD card and cable and I can put ringtones,wallpaper,apps,Widgets all on the card and then re-insert the card back in the phone and everything works,plus what's weird is the apps for an android phone works in my ex124g, but you have to install them on the micro card first and install back in the phone,can't explain it but it works, so I rate the phone a 10 for what I use it for.


OK here's the deal I'm look-in to buy two new phones for my kids..r there any educational apps that can b downloaded? I kinda like the 800g better


I thought I was getting a better phone than my LG 800. BOY was I dumb to think that. First the phone will automatically shut itself off when it reaches your set backlight setting. This is what it was designed to do. If you are listening to the mp3 or fm radio you are out of luck because it will also go off causing you to restart the phone. Every time the phone times out you have to restart it. If you want to see who is calling you you are out of luck. If you want to download cds to your phone it only lists the songs. The Lg 800 not only gives you the option of listing your music in album or artist form it will not turn itself off when the backlight times out. If you like to listen to downloaded music the LG 800 is the best. It is way easier to use. Don't get sucker in with the triple minutes because it comes with baggage.