Straight Talk Motorola EX124G Review


Average: 3.8 (38 votes)
  • Bands: GSM Dual-band GSM850/GSM1900 GPRS/EDGE
  • OS: Proprietary


  • 4.21 inches long x 2.28 inches wide x 0.48 inch thick
  • 2.82 ounces


  • Battery Motorola BQ50 SNN5804A 910 mAh Battery
  • Talk Time: up to 3.3 hrs
  • Digital Standby Time up to 10.4 days
  • Charger (in USB port micro B)

Net10 Motorola EX124G Review

This new Motorola EX124G coming from Straight Talk EDGE GSM Phone another that will satisfy many users of Straight Talk and give that ever sought after touch screen ability.

Thought only to be coming out on the Net10 service originally it seems that it will also be hitting the shelves of Walmart. So as soon as it does we will un-box it, and let you see what it's like before you go out and buy it.


  • 3.2" display resolution 240x400 pixels
  • 262K TFT
  • Touchscreen + stylus


  • Blue-tooth 2.1, USB high speed
  • USB Micro B, Mass storage device.

Memory and Data:

  • Micro SD (up to 32GB)
  • 64MB RAM / 128 MB ROM

Multimedia & Audio:

  • 3 mega-pixel camera
  • Video recording
  • Video / Audio: H.263, Playback QCIF 30fps, Capture QCIF 15fps, MP3, AAC, AAC+, MIDI
  • MPEG4 playback
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Music Player
  • FM Radio
  • Speaker-phone
  • SMS/MMS/Email


  • Vibrate
  • MP3 Ring-tones

Motorola EX124G Manual download


Tina (not verified)
gmail account


Do you have to set up a gmail account with the ex124g phone like you do other smart phones? I am having trouble getting the phone to work using the internet. Do you know if the phone has wi-fi capability?
Haley (not verified)
SIM Card


Are contacts automatically saved to your SIM card for this phone? Please, say yes.
Momof3 (not verified)
re: ouch


This phone was on the black friday ad for the straight talk service plans. It was a mad house getting one. Atleast at our is was. We had 2 men trying to get 3 and they barely made it out alive. There were 5 people arrested and atleast 50 people trampled and 4 hospitalized. The phone is nice but man was it rediculous trying to get it. Besides that sale I have yet to see it for sale at walmart.
Rick (not verified)
Tracfones with good web access?


Does Tracfone sell any phones that have good web access? And, do you need to contact a service provider to get web access? All the comments here regarding the EX 124G seem to be negative in that regard. Thanks for your replies.
Kayla (not verified)
No, it runs off of Straight


No, it runs off of Straight Talk
Bob (not verified)
Play Sim Card Music


click on menu (lower left) click on Multi Media click on Media Player Click on ALL Media Files Click YES to update from Library. Media player and Media Player icon should now work.
Bob (not verified)
Turn off service days


click on menu button (lower left) click on Prepaid (upper left) click on Airtime Display click on Due Date and turn OFF
Richard (not verified)
SIM card


I have an issue with the SIM card on my Motorola EX124G I cannot access any of my music I have loaded onto card. What is the "easy fix" Rita refers to?
Tracy74 (not verified)
AT&T for Straight talk


AT&T for Straight talk
amber (not verified)


i had a hard time too with it but i bought a micro sd card and downloaded the music form my computer and it is holding over 150 songs now