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Straight Talk Reviews
Networks used:
Verizon & SprintCDMA Netork
AT&T & T-MobileGSM Network  
Updated: 9/17/2014

The Straight Talk brand was founded in July 2009 by the Tracfone company and Walmart as a co-op venture to provide cheap reliable prepaid service. Major U.S networks are used to deliver a large range of 2G & 3G. In Mar. 2011 Straight Talk introduced Straight Talk International an add-on service. During the past 4 years Straight Talk has won over many customers and has a strong following. Our Straight Talk reviews are the best on the Internet and once you have finished reading you will be a Straight Talk expert.  Straight Talk makes it a breath of fresh air knowing you’re not going to be ripped off like other companies with their lengthy lucrative phone contracts. Our Straight Talk reviews are below the phones, so scroll down to read more. Straight Talk now sells SIM cards! Straight Talk offers SIM cards

Latest News: Straight Talk now offers iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, also a New Windows phone from Huawei is on its way the Straight Talk Huawei W1
Straight Talk's Phones: Key Current Coming Discontinued (now at bottom of page)
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The plans:    

All you need plan:

  • $30 for 30 days service plan which includes
  • 1000 minutes of talk time
  • 1000 Text messages (sms)
  • 30 Mb of Data (Internet)

Unlimited Plan:

  • $45 for 30 days service plan which includes
  • Unlimited Talk (Minutes)
  • Unlimited Text messages (sms)
  • Unlimited Data (Internet)

$60 Unlimited Plan:

  • $60 for 30 days service plan which includes
  • Unlimited Talk (Minutes)
  • Unlimited Text messages (sms)
  • Unlimited Data (Internet)
  • Unlimited International (Internet)
Network coverage: depends on which phone or sim card kit you purchase. This can be on a CDMA networks like Verizon and Sprint or GSM netowrks like AT&T and T-Mobile's networks. As far a the phone models go the best way to tell if a phone is CDMA or GSM is the the last letter of the phone model. CDMA models end with a 'C' and GSM models a 'G' the only models that don't use this letter at the end are the Nokia phones and they are all GSM.
The phone handsets range in price with the least expensive phones lacking in some modern Internet features, to the Nokia and Samsung, LG and other Android OS phones that have full 3G and application support.
All the phones that have 3G data are able to watch youtube apart from the Samsung T528G which has a block on it so you can't watch Youtube over 3G this model has been restricted to WiFi only youtube.
NEW: We have compiled a list of Networks used by Straight Talk phones so you can see which networks different Straight Talk phones are using.
Service Cards:
  • The $30 All you need plan is great and pretty much as the name says “all you need” if your a person who goes under the less than 1000 minutes or 1000 texts this service is great.
  • The $45 is unlimited... no catches. (Data Restrictions may kick in after 2GB of data)
  • The $60 is unlimited+International... basically the ultimate plan.
  • (also available online are ($135 $125.99 - 3 months access / $270  $249.99– 6 months / $540  $499 – 12 months)
$30 All you need 30 days Straight Talk 30-day all you need service card

$125 for 3 months

 Straight Talk 3 month unlimited service card
$45 Unlimited 30 days Straight Talk 30 day unlimited card

$249.99 for 6 months

 Straight Talk 6 month service card

$499 for 1 year

Straight Talk 1 Year service card
$60 Unlimited & Unlimited Internationl 30 days Straight Talk 1 Year service card    

Straight Talk Wireless FAQ:

Can I just get a sim card for my unlocked  GSM compatable phone?

Yes. Straight Talk offers SIM cards as of Feb 2012 so you can bring your unlocked iPhone or Nokia Lumia 800 over and connect.

Setting up Straight Talk on an iPhone

Straight Talk offers SIM cards

What happens if I refill before my 30 days are up?

If you do this you will start a new service date of this date loosing any day you had left unless, you use Straight Talk Reserve™  which allows you to have credit on reserve waiting for your expiry date, see Straight Talk's website to enroll.

Picture messages:

Do not cost extra to send, only the amount of data (the size of the picture) so if your unlimited it's completely covered, infact you can send picture message international as well!

Receive calls from anywhere:

Yes, you can receive calls from all other phone providers including international and Skype & other VoIP services & devices, there are no restrictions.

Free Ringtones: there is a trick to turn MP3 files into ringtones Free Straight Talk ringtones guide here , any of the Andorid phones can use MP3 files as ringtones, so don't ever purchase ringtones, they are a waist of money.

Can I use Facebook:

Yes, you can use a basic version of facebook on all these phones, use in the phones browser, this especially applies to the older phone models. Also on the Nokia and Android model phones the Facebook application is preinstalled or can easily be downloaded from the Playstore.

International Text:

On the Nokia phones and the AT&T sim card kits you can send Internation text messages at no extra cost.

International Calls:

Also you can make International calls if you add the Straight Talk international service at an additional cost.

Unlimited International calls: This service has just been added, March 2012

The Straight Talk $60 Unlimited Plan has unlimited calls to selected other countries, go to Straight Talk's website to see if your country is on the list because there are many that are not.

I can find my phone in Wontek's Straight Talk reviews?.. are you sure your with Straight Talk?

Coverage map: Straight Talk Coverage Map


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Older models not in stores anymore.
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Hi... I don't see any reviews for the iPhone. I'm currently with AT&T and am trying to lower my monthly bill but don't want to get rid of the iPhone... Will my current apps transfer over? Also, can I still use the iPod the same as now? I'm not very mobile savvy... any info you can offer is appreciated! Thanks.


i'm wondering the same thing... do I need to do anything to my iphone to use this service???


Not much needs to be done for it to work. If you get the micro sim for an AT&T compatible phone all you have to do is pop in the straight talk sim and reboot. To get the data to work you need to modify the APN settings. The easiest way to do this is connect to a wifi network on the iPhone and go to and select straight talk for the APN settings and it will make the changes for you.


My Straight Talk Droid phone had to be returned in 3 weeks because an error message came on while charging and wouldn't hold a charge. Got another, then 6 months later it wouldn't receive phone calls. I did a factory reset and it no longer got any service. Talked to Customer service for over an hour. They tried to tell me that although they use the Spint network, my phone only works off of one tower and it was having problems. WHAT!!!!! 48 hours and the only tower my phone is connected to is not working?!?!? I had traveled a radius of over 40 miles but I'm only connected to one tower?? It's the Sprint Network, oh, and you don't know when it will be working!?!?! I'm living in an area of over 150,000 people, how can my phone only be connected to one tower???? Oh, and they suggested that if it was the phone, I'd have to mail it to them and they would then mail me a new one once they received mine, which could take up to two weeks. No thanks, I'll go elsewhere.


STRAIGHT TALK (Tracfone) has the WORST customer service ever!!! These people did the same thing to me and I was stupid enough for them to send me THREE refurbished phones because each one they sent after I sent back my original one was not working and they could not even figure out why! This went on for six months! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE WHATSOEVER! They are very incapable and they outsource their customer service to India with people who can hardly speak English correctly! They are despicable!


My iPhone has been working great 4 months and counting!!!


The only thing I found that doesnt work is sending photos and the voicemail works like the old style it calls a number. It doesnt list the name and message. But everything else works the same.


I am using Straight Talk right now and it's great. All you do is order the sim from Straight Talk and once it arrives pop it in and you are set. I did a few things like jail broke the phone because I wanted the extras but you don't have to. I will save $1560 bucks over the next 2 years. The customer service sucks but you don't have to bother with them much. If you have any more questions let me know.


I have not been able to use Apps, facebook, or my gmail account. My gmail updates when I remove my battery and restart the phone. I usually have 1 or 2 bars which is not enough to use the applications listed above. The manager told me some story about them updating their sprint customers on Monday 8/27/2012 but yesterday I was still having the same issues. I woke up to my phone disconnected. When I asked why didn't I receive a notification via text...they said that is NOT a guaranteed service. I have been experiencing these problems since 7/1/2012. AVOID THIS COMPANY..CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS ASSOCIATED WITH WAL-MART.


Straight Talk: Worst customer Service, dumbest, downright stupid Tech support. I activated ST service 9/14/12 on an Iphone 3G. Only talk and voicemail worked: No internet, no IM. ST customer service told me, I needed to unlock my Iphone 3G. So I called ATT and had them unlock my Iphone 3G. Still no internet or IM on ST. Why? I could not update my APN settings. Then I was told by ST that there was something wrong with my Iphone: It is not ST fault. And they cannot help me. What they require is an ATT compatible phone. And the fault lies with my phone. So to test "the bad Iphone theory" I had my Iphone Jailbroken. This way I could update my APN settings. Updated the APN settings. Still no Internet or IM with ST service. The problem is, the ST SIM card has not been programmed right. So I called ST, and asked them to send me a new SIM card with the correct programing. ST refused, apparently I have to pay for a new SIM card, and they will happily transfer the programming to the new SIM. So I purchased a new SIM. Requested a transfer 3 days ago. Still nothing. On ST, I still have no internet, no IM. Today I walk into T-Mobile. Signup for a monthly no contract unlimited data plan for $50 per month. Pop out my ST SIM card, put in the T-mobile SIM. Within 2 hours I had internet and IM working on my new ported number, on the same Iphone 3G that ST kept insisting was the issue. Finally, relief after 11 days of no internet or IM. The Issue is Straight Talk. ST takes your money upfront. Makes you pay for the SIM and monthly service upfront. Since they already have your money, they do not care about customer satisfaction. Oh yeah, no refunds are issued. Sadly, I paid for 2 months of service upfront. In my opinion, Straight Talk should be banned from doing business in the US. Unethical company: Straight Talk go do business in the countries where your dumb customer service is located. ST and ATT have seen my last dime. Stay away from ST and ATT and be happy.