Cell coverage maps

When looking for the right smartphone or cell phone it is important to find a provider that is going to cover the area where you live. Some network providers simply don’t have any coverage in some areas in the United States. Virtual provider such as Tracfone uses a combination of many different networks. These networks depend on the model of phone you get.

AT&T coverage mapsT-Mobile Coverage mapsVerizon Wireless mapsSprint Wireless Coverage
Cricket Wireless mapsVirgin Wireless coverage mapsVirgin Wireless coverage mapsStraight Talk coverage
Cricket (parts of network are Verizon)Boost (see Sprint map)Virgin (see Sprint map)Tracfone/Net10/Straight Talk (various)

If you’re after information on which network the phone, you’re interested in is on check the review pages. If the phone is not listed let us know, and we will create a page with some specs for you.

Remember there is no difference on coverage area if you’re on prepaid or postpaid plans, the coverage is the same. It really comes down to the Network provider and the phone antenna.

This is a compressive list of cell coverage maps for all the major cell providers in United States; this will help you find out if you’re going to have the best coverage in your area.

The maps are color coded so you can see the coverage areas, for more highly detailed maps there is a link at the bottom of each map so you can get the full size map at the provider’s website and access to 3G/4G coverage. As you will see in the coverage maps, there are vast differences in the coverage areas.

Some phone providers will roam on different networks when out of the area that is covered in these maps. Cricket's coverage map for example shows roaming areas as well.

Anything we have missed? let us know below.