LG Thrive/LG Phoenix Tips and Tricks

Submitted by Dave Won on

Allow installation of non-Market  or play store applications

To install non play store or Android market applications the normal location under application settings is missing on the LG Thrive, so go to the number dial screen and as if you were going to make a call dial:

3845#*506# (LG Thrive)

3845#*505# (LG Phoenix)

This will bring up a secret menu where you can change a lot of settings **Anything you change here could break the phone so be careful**

  • Scroll down to “Unknown sources test” and touch this option.
  • The first option is “Unknown sources” tick the box on the right of this option. Them hit the home button to exit the secret menu.

Reset LG Thrive and Phoenix back to defaults (hard reset)

There are a few ways of doing this:

  1. From the applications menu Settings->Privacy->Factory data reset (The phone will reboot and restore settings)
  2. or if the has crashed and won't boot, take the battery out of the phone then put it back in then hold the Volume up +home buttons then press the power button this will reset all data.
  3. The third way is under the secret menu (above)

Stopping APN going back to default after changing to new APN setting

When a new APN is put in the LG Thrive it reverts back to the AT&T default APN, that can’t be deleted, the only way without serious hacking of fixing this is to name the APN the same as the default APN. Which is in most cases “Media Net” so if you make a new APN with this name it will ignore trying to set the AT&T APN as default.

Changing Keyboard from LG Keyboard to Android keyboard layout

The default keyboard is the LG Keyboard on the Thrive, but most people hat this keyboard so to use the default Android keyboard, go to Applications Menu -> Language and keyboard -> Select input method -> Android Keyboard

Tethering for Rooted LG Thrive

Tethering is locked down on the LG Thrive, however there is a third party app that you can download for free from the Play Store called “WiFi tether for Root users” this will allow your phone to become a wireless hotspot.

How to Root an LG Thrive or Phoenix (DO AT OWN RISK OF BREAKING YOUR PHONE)

  1. Enable unknown sources (see above "Allow installation of non-Market  or play store applications")
  2. Download Gingerbreak v1.2  APK and put on a SD Card (Link to download)
  3. Download a file manager from the play store eg. Astro is a good one
  4. Load the file manager, and find the Gingerbreak APK file that you put on the MicroSD card and install it.
  5. Gingerbreak will appear in the Applications Menu, simply run and go to ROOT, the phone will reboot and you’re your LG Thrive will be rooted!