Straight Talk ZTE Merit Review (Video)


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Straight Talk ZTE 990G Merit I was really wondering what this ZTE Android phone would be like $129, it is a well-known fact that ZTE has always had very cheap phones, not just in terms of price but also construction.

However, after using this phone for just 5 minutes you soon see that this phone is better than the average ZTE.

The design of Straight Talk ZTE Merit is rounded, and the outer plastic shell has a soft rubber coating that gives the phone a little more grip in the hand. The phone remands me of a bar of a new soap to feel.
The power, home and volume buttons seem to be the only real cheap part of the physical design, they wiggle around loosely but this doesn’t appear to create any issues with functionality.

Preinstalled in the phone is a 2GB sdcard, which is a normal include with Straight Talk’s phones. Charging is through the micro USB port on the left hand top corner on the side of the phone.
The screen isn’t bright and the colors are not vibrant, and if you look at up close to the phone you can see the individual pixels. The screen is capacitive screen responds great, the Android version 2.3.5 works well on the phone, and if you have used Android before you will be please how quickly everything loads.

The back facing 5MP camera is very poor quality, so if you looking to take a happy snap, use a real camera if your after quality.

Network coverage is on the AT&T network, so you get good coverage. I did a speed test on the 3G and I was able to get 1.8Mb/s so that wasn’t too bad, I know I can get more speed by putting the sim card in another phone though.

Overall when compared to other phones around the same price, it’s not a bad phone. It was a pleasure reviewing it. - Daniel


Network: AT&T

GSM 850/900/1800/1900 2G
WCDMA 850/1900/2100   3G

Size    4.6 x 2.4 x 0.5
Standby time    Up to 10 days
Talk time    Up to 6 hours
Weight    4.5 (ounces)

Included Battery    Lithium-ion
3G/Wi-Fi Connectivity
5 Home Screen
5 M Camera/Video Recorder
Alarm Clock
Android 2.3
Call Waiting
Caller ID

GPS Enabled
Gravity Sensor/Tilt and Shake
HAC Compatible
Handsfree Speaker
Instant Messaging
MP-3 Player
Text/Picture Messaging
Touch Screen
  Download: Straight Talk ZTE 990G Manual



I bought this phone and it worked great for a while. Then all of a sudden I kept getting a message that the android market was down and that it had to "force close". The next thing I knew the phone did not work. It would come on, but only get to the rethink possible screen that ATT has. I used it with my straight talk chip. I would not recommend it. This has happened twice. I took the first phone back to AT&T when it happened because it happened before my 30 days were up. Now I am past the 30 days and I am screwed out of $129.00.


Looks like the merit is available now as someone on Howard Forums has a pic of the box


Im posting this from mine now. Pretty nice phone so far. Bought mine today from Walmart after eyeing it up while putting them out yesterday (I work there). Very popular phone so far. Of the 10 I had put out only 2 were left at the end of my shift tonight. Now i just need to get it rooted for some wifi tethering action. Also, seems to be free of clutter. A few apps i won't use are preinstalled such as facebook,google+, twitter,and a couple others, but otherwise it is a very vanilla Android build.


How much does the phone cost?


Nvm I know it the price is 99.99 which is really awesome and it is the first GSM android has got so far.


Its only 99.99 online in stores its 129. It will also be my birthday present.(10/30/95)


Any Straight talk phones not from Chinese companies?


If you're that concerned wheré they're made, then get in contact with your money-grubbing congressional representatives and complain about how they've sold America out. Then go get whatever unlocked GSM phone you prefer, visit and order yourself some big-carrier freedom.


I bought the Proclaim and it will do Skype WITH video, Will the Merit be able to do Skype with Video?


my sister is usinf this phone which has 5 megapixal camera . It supports android 2.3 version. and the pho is really wounderfull to use. ahe has not faced any problem till now. and it is a CDMA . people who purchase this phone will be beneficial.and it is really worth for the money which we pay