Straight Talk unlimited service after one year still going strong


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I thought it would be helpful for people to know what we think of the Straight Talk service after nearly 1.5 years existence. So when it comes do to it I would say around we have been more than over impressed.

When we saw that Walmart had setup Straight Talk with Tracfone, many were skeptical about how the service would be received including us, but after 1.5 years since the service was released there has been some major changes, but all round you simply can't get a better service than this. So here is what we feel sums up the Straight Talk service. The phones that Straight Talk originally offered were limited in function and didn't really hold up an functionality that could be compared to the bigger brand name providers, phones like the Samsung R451C & R335C were the top phones and they did what you needed them to do without multimedia functions.

Straight Talk Unlimited Review

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There was one one that was up there the Samsung R810C Finesse which was scraped reasons unknown this was 3G and touch screen, and was until October 2010 the best phone released under Straight Talk, all of these first lots of phones that came out operate on the Verizon CDMA network. They are easily identified as being CDMA due to lack of Sim Card technology and the model number ends with a 'C' .

In November 2010 Straight Talk had teamed up with AT&T and released the Nokia E71 Smart Phone and other smaller Samsung models now with a 'G' at the end of the model number signifying that the company had moved to a GSM service that being the AT&T Network. Now AT&T has far less coverage than Verizon so for some this was a kick in the teeth especially if you are someone that like to go outside the city. The Nokia E71 and Nokia 6970 models were only available on the unlimited plan but this was OK because these Nokia phones were 3G and had the ability to be used to watch video, download large files and everything you would expect from 3G technology in a smart phone.

Service was one of the thing that we assumed would be a low point of the Straight Talk service due to the amazing price of the service, but once again we wrong the customer service was great. The only thing that would annoy some would be the call center for Straight Talk is somewhere in India and this makes understanding them sometimes difficult, and they over compliment which isn't a bad thing. .

The call waiting times are not to bad, 1 to 8 minutes is the most we have had to wait, so thumbs up to service. Signal is constant, and drops on calls on occasion but is rare, no more than other providers.


It's amazing how many people still haven't heard about Straight Talk. Now they have these new Nokia models that will steadily change. The Plans are simple no bull crap here, you get what you get. $30 gives 30 days of service, 1000 texts, 1000 minutes and 30MB of data. $45 gives you 30 Days of Unlimited everything, yup everything!


Thanks to Straight Talk, Walmart, Tracfone for giving America what it needs, no bull phone plans. 9/10


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