Straight Talk Samsung R451C Cell phone review


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Straight Talk Samsung R451C

The new Samsung R451C from Straight talk


This new CDMA phone from Samsung has a great QWERTY keyboard.



  • Bluetooth
  • 2' LCD screen
  • Full slide out QWERTY Keyboard
  • CDMA (No Sim card)
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera
  • MicroSD Slot
  • MP3 Player
  • Picture manager
  • Voice commands
  • 64MB Internal memory
  • TXT/Picture message
  • Speaker phone
  • 2.5mm Headphone jack
  • 3.7Volt Li-ion Battery 3.55Wh
  • Web-Browser
  • Operates on Verizon network

Ok here is an honest review, of the R541C.

I saw that Straight Talk had advertised that their new Pre-paid service has Unlimited Calls, TXT, and Data for US$45 for 30 days, I thought I had better check this one out.

The unlimited data was applealing, and was the best phone on offer from Straigh Talk. The R451C was $99 from Wal-Mart.

The phone is very neat 2' x 4.25' and 0.6' deep, fits very well in the pocket, the QWERTY keyboard buttons are a good size & are easy to type with. The Internet browser can only be used when the keyboard is slid out. The browsing is html & images with some Javascript, there is no flash or other imbedded objects.

The Internet access is slow  CDMA X1 (it's not 3G) but it's very relieable.

The phone can be used in any US state or any US ZIP code, there are no roaming fees!

I recommend this phone highly for anyone who wants a basic internet connection without  download or calling limits


Score: 9/10

Straight Talk Samsung R451C Manual Download

TIP: to use these Characters .!?,-'"()@#:/$%&+*;<>=[]_{}~`^|\

On the QWERTY keyboard Press the "fn" button to bring up 123, then press "soft2" a small menu will come up on the right use the down arrow and select option "3 #!@Sym" this will allow you to insert extra extended characters.

You can't block someones number on this phone.


Guide to make your own free ringtones on Straight Talk Samsung Phones!

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The Nokia cell phone 6790 is the hardest dam phone I have ever owned....if you are into pulling your hair out, go buy this piece of crap.


yer probally just old cuz this phone is great my friend has it... learn how to use sumthing now generation buddy its not dinosuar years anymore


I own this phone and it is a good phone and easy to use. The internet is super slow. Mine is old (had it for a while and it has been dropped/thrown etc...) and still works. I am looking on getting the new Android from Straighttalk. I only have one question. One review about the new phone says it works on Sprint but ST only works with Att/tmo/Verizon. I am wondering if it will actually pick up as well as my 451c does now where I live now. That is the only thing keeping me from ordering it.


i was wondering if i got net10 can i switch to straight talk?


do you have this phone still it s the 1 i m looking 4


i have one it works great have had long time dropped got wet took apart put n sun cuple days still works would buy another .. but looking at new android hope it is as good as this one..........


i want that phone


i really like the phone i see them all the time and i love the way they are


The new Android phone through ST is Sprint network only. Check the coverage maps before you buy!!! Sprints network is pathetic!! (It is a CDMA phone. Look at the coverage maps on ST webpage. It has two GSM maps (GSM-T and GSM-A for Tmobile and ATT) and two CDMA maps (CDMA-S and CDMA-V for Sprint and Verizon). The CDMA-S looks really sad next to the Verizon map....


i have this phone i like it but i really am wanting the new samsung straight talk phone as just as other people are concerned with who the phone network will be running through thats the only reason i havent went and gotten it yet..