Straight Talk Samsung R451C Cell phone review


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Straight Talk Samsung R451C

The new Samsung R451C from Straight talk


This new CDMA phone from Samsung has a great QWERTY keyboard.



  • Bluetooth
  • 2' LCD screen
  • Full slide out QWERTY Keyboard
  • CDMA (No Sim card)
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera
  • MicroSD Slot
  • MP3 Player
  • Picture manager
  • Voice commands
  • 64MB Internal memory
  • TXT/Picture message
  • Speaker phone
  • 2.5mm Headphone jack
  • 3.7Volt Li-ion Battery 3.55Wh
  • Web-Browser
  • Operates on Verizon network

Ok here is an honest review, of the R541C.

I saw that Straight Talk had advertised that their new Pre-paid service has Unlimited Calls, TXT, and Data for US$45 for 30 days, I thought I had better check this one out.

The unlimited data was applealing, and was the best phone on offer from Straigh Talk. The R451C was $99 from Wal-Mart.

The phone is very neat 2' x 4.25' and 0.6' deep, fits very well in the pocket, the QWERTY keyboard buttons are a good size & are easy to type with. The Internet browser can only be used when the keyboard is slid out. The browsing is html & images with some Javascript, there is no flash or other imbedded objects.

The Internet access is slow  CDMA X1 (it's not 3G) but it's very relieable.

The phone can be used in any US state or any US ZIP code, there are no roaming fees!

I recommend this phone highly for anyone who wants a basic internet connection without  download or calling limits


Score: 9/10

Straight Talk Samsung R451C Manual Download

TIP: to use these Characters .!?,-'"()@#:/$%&+*;<>=[]_{}~`^|\

On the QWERTY keyboard Press the "fn" button to bring up 123, then press "soft2" a small menu will come up on the right use the down arrow and select option "3 #!@Sym" this will allow you to insert extra extended characters.

You can't block someones number on this phone.


Guide to make your own free ringtones on Straight Talk Samsung Phones!

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MEME (not verified)


lynsey (not verified)
press and hold the star


press and hold the star button and it'll lock your key pad..then no more random numbers being pushed
Berg68 (not verified)
Samsung Slider Not So Great


I've owned this phone for a year and thought it would be amazing, but it really is a pain. The MP3 player doesn't play very loud or have any tone controls. The headphone plug is difficult to keep inserted correctly. Random buttons get pressed all the time when it's in your pocket. The fonts are all too large and there is no way to make them smaller. The tiny OK button is almost impossible for me to press without hitting the arrow keys around it The very nice QWERTY keyboard is a lot more difficult to use than you would imagine The phone is a lot bulkier and clumsy that the phone I had before it and its lack of stellar functionality made me wish I still had the old one
sissie (not verified)
i was thinking bout getting one


i was th inking about the android i have the samsung and its great but i would like to be abel to get messanger and have a flash but i really dont know if this is a ood ideah because i am so used to this one samsung slide with qwerty key board im just woundering if its worth it
Jess (not verified)


this phone has caused me a great deal of problems aswell, and, im only 23 lady!! Maybe it has to do with the area you live in but I dont think so- my mom owns the same one and lives one town over, hers if fine and mine sux!!.. i think mine is a lemon
Scarecrow (not verified)
Towers Matter!


We have several Tracfones, and my oldest daughter has a Samsung 451c from Straight Talk. (A subsidiary of Tracfone) I assumed it therefore would have similar coverage and such. Wrong! The Tracfones recently went down, and, despite having over 2 hours, (Of minutes) mine can't get a signal anymore. We live in a rural, small town area, and the towers one must use DO matter! The Straight Talk 451c is still working fine after over a year. Not only that, (And she WORKS hers hard, she's 17... 'Nuff said?) but she still gets days out of her battery between charges. One note: The so-called $45.00 plan actually comes out to $50.00 with all the taxes and such. My daughter loves hers, I hate mine. (A Motorola, as are several of the dozen or so Tracfones we have) ALL the Motorola's, after years of dependable service, suddenly quit last month. If I go to the nearest large city, they work... So it's not so much the phone as the service, IE: Company and the towers they can or do use. All the Tracfones DID work great here, which was why we picked Tracfones to begin with. Many others did not work here at all. Net 10 was one we tried that never worked, ever. (Even though it too is a subsidiary of Tracfone) So do your homework, ask others near you what they have that works. It really does matter, especially if one is in a marginal service area to begin with. Personally, I will be switching, I just don't yet know to what. I only know it must work with Verizon's network. As for what a SIM card has to do with it, I'm just as clueless as anyone. From what I can gather, some types of phones, be they CDMA, or any one of the half dozen or so other 'standards' in current usage, do not need or can not make use a SIM card. Why, I do not know. I DO know, that there are currently phones with many schemes for encoding the signal, (And many can switch from one to another) and many frequencies, from the 800 MHZ band all the way up into the 1.8 GHz bands. (And several in between) As a HAM radio operator, I know that shorter wavelengths, (higher frequencies) are more like a flashlight, line of sight, than lower frequencies, which are more likely to bounce off of things, like hills, buildings, even clouds. etc. But even the lowest CELL phone frequency, at 800 MHz, is pretty much strictly line of sight, and unlikely to do much bouncing. However, antennas matter too, and the lower the frequency, the physically larger the antenna must be for max efficiency of output power. With phones growing smaller and batteries following suit to fit, power out had to go down. Compared to my old bag phone. (2 watts output power, And a 'real' antenna OUT-side of of the vehicle) compared to my current phone, at about 100 MW, (At it's max. That's only a tenth of a watt) It's expected it will be near a tower, so it won't need the output power it's older predecessors were capable of. (And, less to worry about from shooting microwaves through one's head...) Add in a really poor antenna, and a marginal service area, and you've got trouble. So, towers DO matter!
Lisa (not verified)
Sims card


My son has a straight talk phone with a sims card in it and was told by the company that is why he doesn't get service in ALOT of areas. What does a sim card have to do with it, do you know?
Disappointed (not verified)
Gonna keep lookin


I have the Samsung 451c and it works awesome in my area (south centeral MN). I just bought the LG Optimus Q and didn't even have it turned on for a day. It gets no reception at all. I guess it does matter which towers the phones bounce off of. I am gonna stick with the ones that use the verizon towers. I was really hoping to be able to advance into the android world but I guess not yet. So to to answer your question NO don't count on it getting anything close to what you get now.
Steve (not verified)
Good, Basic Phone


I have had this phone for 2+ years from Walmart. I have the "all you need" plan, $30/mo. and I recommend it. The web access is just so-so, but I don't really use that. I believe the coverage is contracted thru Verison, which is pretty good --in Seattle--. I fully recommend the QWERTY keyboard for texting. I recently tried an Android touch screen which I did not enjoy.
Tammy Jacoby (not verified)
How do i do ringtones!?


i need to get some ring tones but says my carrier has block wht do i do?