Get Straight Talk Free Ringtones (also TXT message alert tone)


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straight talk free ringtones

Tested on the R451C & R355C


To put free ringtones on your Straight Talk phone this is the procedure for the Samsung model phones.

  1. Get a MP3 file of a song you would like to be your new ringtone.
  2. you need to rename the file extention from .mp3 to .qcp (eg. my_song.qcp)
  3. You need to copy this to your phone using either bluetooth, or to a microSD memory card that you will insert in the phone.
  4. The .qcp will need to go in the "My Sounds" folder on the phone or memory card.
  5. On the phone go to "MultiMedia" from the main menu.
  6. Go to "My Sounds"
  7. You should see your song, scroll down to it.
  8. Click options once it is selected
  9. go to Set As
  10. and select Ringtone.
  11. straight talk free ringtones

Done you have a favorite song or sound as your ringtone for free!

Text message tone:  step 9 then:

  1. Set As
  2. Alert Tone
  3. Text Messages

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Betty (not verified)
What areas straight talk work.


I have had straight talk for several years and I have no complaints with the service and certainly not the price. I bought a phone for my daughter who lives in (MI). I set it up here (va) because I was going to pay the bill for her. I sent her some more $35 cards to renew her phone. They would not activate her phone given her information. I did not do my homework. Now you can go online to straight talk and verify they work in your zip code. So before heading to Walmart do a quick Internet search.
Sandra (not verified)
Straight Talk


I got a new phone for Christmas, and after checking to see if it would work in my area, before it was bought and getting a "yes", it won't work now. How do I find out which Straight Talk phones WILL work in my area?
hepreemetah (not verified)
Angry Birds


Angry Birds Diablo 3
Matthew Weaver (not verified)
how to


how do i get a free ringtone to my straight talk
Anonymous (not verified)
some messages are drafted so


some messages are drafted so check there
Candice Allen (not verified)


straight talk is a good phone to used and it can go to a lot of place's that you go.
amanda (not verified)
like the new phones


like the new phones
mike shipley (not verified)
free ring tones


need free ring tones
aunt cona (not verified)
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is there a way you can find someones cell number,,is it the white pages?
Connie Masterpolo (not verified)
how to get a message that i have saved and then lost it


how can i get that back with the number