Tracfone LG800G Review - updated 2012


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The LG800G is still a very popular phone on Tracfone and has still got customer hooked despite have limitations compared to that of phones that have full multitasking operating systems. People that swear by this phone being the best thing since sliced bread will tell you, it is basically a cross between cell phone with some of the features that you might see on a common smart phone. Because the LG800G doesn’t have any 3G it makes it more of a contender for smart phones that came out in the early 2000’s
All things aside we have so many report from people that are fan of this phone, that it has got more attention than you would expect, for a phone that was to certain degree obsolete when it came out.
You must understand I am not bagging the phone out, I am simply stating how is. Owners of this phone will agree this phone is for a certain type of person that really only need these features and nothing more.
Check out our video unboxing of this phone to get more of an idea on what you get in the package.

Tracfone LG 800G Review


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The LG800G under the brands Tracfone and Net10... this will make the people who wanted the short lived Samsung Finesse R810 that came out very happy. Once again we have a touch screen phone for the pre-paid masses... Glade I could let you guys know it's not the best phone in the world, but it's a touchscreen! -Eric

This phone people have either loved or hated, there was a problem sending text messages, so some of the phones were recalled.

Bands: GSM Dualband, EDGE GPRS
Straight Talk & Tracfone Branded.

Battery: Lithium-ion 3.7v  
Battery Model: LGIP 430N
Size and Dimensions    4.1 x 2.2 x 0.5

Standby time:    Up to 8 days
Talk time: Up to 4 hours
Weight    : 3.06 (ounces)
  • Hands free Speaker
  • Mobile Web
  • MP3 Player
  • Phone Book with up to 1,000 Entries
  • Text Messaging
Accessories:  AC Adapter (Included) Features:
  • 2 Mega-pixel Camera
  • Alarm Clock
  • Bluetooth Capable
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Color Screen
  • HAC Compatible




I made the switch from a contract phone to a prepaid cell phone a few years ago and I am so glad I did. With all the negative things I’m hearing now about AT&T, I am glad I got out on time. TracFone has cheap, good quality phones and they’re only getting better.


I have been using Tracfone for several years now (since 2005) and now that they have a smart phone I purchased it and will continue to use Tracfone.It looks like they are continuing to make great products for the future


I have no problems with the LG800G. TracFone you have great phones for low prices. And please come out with the LG 505C. Thank you


has tracfone fixed the issues with the lg800g? I want to buy one, but am afraid after all the neg. reviews.


Tracfone has the right price - much lower than contracted monthly phones. However, my Tracfone (a Samsung) has a very annoying echo effect now and then that my contracted phone never had. Anyone else had that problem?


The lg800g is a fairly good phone, except for the sluggish touchscreen, and there is not very good coverage and calls take a while togo out, texting also takes a long time, to send and recive


this is the worst phone i have ever had, sound breaks up after talking and the other person says it sound like i'm under water.


lol i switched to the iphone, shortly after and it does sound like your underwater on the other line


how do you choose different words in T9 on this phone?


i lone this phone i have lots of app that i downloaded and i love the flexibility with the prepaid