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Tracfone prepaid has the cheapest deals on prepaid phones, offering basic model phones from $9. Every handset comes with a small book full of coupons that offer double minutes and other deals that make the service even more exciting. Tracfone is a great way to have a phone on the cheap, people that vacation in the United states will often refer to the service as disposable cell phones, and I guess they are kind of right when the phone prices are so low.

So what is the coverage like? The coverage is using a number of different networks from Verizon to T-Mobile; some of the phones are even supposed to roam on a combination of networks. Latest:  Tracfone Promo Codes

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So given this coverage and from personal experience the Tracfone coverage is as good as it gets.
No Tracfone 3G? Tracfone currently only offers phones and access to networks that are utilizing 2G data services, but this is rumored to change very soon in preparation for the shutdown of many of the 2G network equipment in favor of 3G and LTE technologies.

Customer service is often criticized as it is not based in the US, but for a provider to provide such low rates to save customers money, it is simply not feasible to have it in the States.
We have listed all the known phones that Tracfone has had in the last four year below, and you can check out the specs of each model.

One Year & Double Minutes Airtime Cards MINUTES INCLUDED Service Days Price (ex-tax)
  1500 365 $199.99
  1000 365 $159.99
DOUBLE MINUTES On all future Paid Airtime 800 365 $119.99
  400 365 $99.99
DOUBLE MINUTES On all future Paid Airtime     $19.99
Pay As You Go Airtime Cards MINUTES INCLUDED Service Days Price (ex-tax)
  450 90 $79.99
  200 90 $39.99
  120 90 $29.99
  60 90 $19.99
  30 30 $9.99
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