NET10 LG900G Cell phone review


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Net10 LG900G ReviewOk this review was written not after first using the phone but after a real good use. So the LG900G isn't greatest and latest in phones, but it is damn good for $30 which is how much it has been going for under Net10, and $69.99 with Straight Talk.

When it comes to which one to get out of the Straight Talk and the Net10 I have to go with Straight Talk because you will save at the end of the day with the $30 plan. The Keyboard is good, the keys are bigger than the Nokia E71.

The screen is bright and has a good resolution. The interface is nice to use it's fast and responsive. The Menu and icons are move in a quick smooth animation. The camera is good, and records pretty smooth video if you want that in a phone.

Battery life is good, not much different to other phones we have used. All round no bull here, you get what you get.. it's a bargain under $100 buck so go on give it a go.


  • Band: GSM Phone USA (850/1900 MHz)
    Data: EDGE
  • battery:    Lithium-ion
  • Size    4.48 x 2.5 x .48
  • Standby time    Up to 16 days
  • Talk time    Up to 6 hours
  • Weight    3.4 (ounces)
  • Included Accessories:
  • AC Adapter
  • Battery
  • Features:
  • Alarm Clock
  • Bluetooth Capable
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Call Waiting

  • Caller ID
  • Camera
  • Color Screen
  • FM Radio
  • Graphics Download
  • Handsfree Speaker
  • Mobile Web
  • MP3 Player
  • Phone Book with up to 1,000 Entries
  • Ringtones Download
  • Text/Picture Messaging
  • Vibration Alert
  • Video Recorder
  • Voice Recorder
  • Voicemail
  • Java applications

The phone has ringtones per contact, image for a contact, email, IM, group,website, memo and Anniversary per contact aswell.

Operates on AT&T/T-Mobile networks


More information at

NET10 LG900G Manual

The LG900G ia a GSM phone from NET10 very basic with no 3G access, just EDGE

A great phone that looks a bit like a Blackberry with it's full QWERTY keypad.


Tim (not verified)
This phone is stupid


my lg900 when it gets to either half way thru the 30 days or half way thru the minutes...whichever happens first, the signal automatically drops and failed texts or emergency calls only. It's very irritating and one more thing, WHY IS THIS THE ONLY CELL PHONE THAT WONT ALLOW YOU TO PUT A SIGNATURE ON YOUR TEXT MESSAGES. This phone has its good points also but the bad ones are the ones ya really need. Signal sucks unless ur outside. bullshit.
Blossom (not verified)


I had the same trouble, so I went to Opera Mobile to download the mini 4 browser and haven`t had a memory message since.
monkeymom (not verified)
cant use web


did you ever get an answer for this ?? I have the same prob and cant find any help for it !!
jadas (not verified)


phone is a total POS, Has the worst signal of any phone ive ever owned. Unless you live nextdoor to a tower, dont buy it
Lg luver (not verified)
Speaker phone


To go on speakerphone, just tap the OK center button while on a call. :)
Jacqueline Hopkins (not verified)


this phone is not worth the money i pay for it it don't work half the time
Megan (not verified)
Unlocking Phone


I tried putting in my att sims card in the slot, but it says that it is locked. How do i unclock the phone???
kris (not verified)
can't use web


keeps saying Insufficient Memory Unable to Proceed. So how do you expand the memory? I have a 4 MB memory card in there and have saved all contacts and pix to that instead of the phone. even after i clear cache and cookies i can't do anything.
kristin (not verified)


to operate the speaker phone while on a call just hit the "ok" button. speaker phone should work, not very loudly, but it does work.
Rob (not verified)
Phone Problems


I am in the same boat as your Boyfriend I went to Radio Shack and the guy said it is defected he told me to call Net10 and I am going to do that tomorrow.