Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C


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Samsung SGH-S720C

Out now for pre order is this new Samsung Galaxy Proclaim from Straight Talk this phone is going to make so many prepaid fans happy. Due to the fact this is a great quality phone that has been out under Verizon contracts.

This from Justin:

This phone will be under the Straight Talk label and will require the $45 Unlimited Plan. It will run on the CDMA Verizon network, and will have a retail price of $179. It will be somewhat unlimited data, as it will allow up to 4GB of data usage per month. Source: Tracfone Area Representative


Network: 3G CDMA/PCS 1X EV-DO Rev A
Screen Size: 3.5' 320x480 HVGA
Touchscreen: Capacitive
Proximity and Light Sensors
OS: Android 2.3 Gingerbread
USB: Micro USB charging and data port
Battery: Lithium-ion
Size: 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.5'
Standby time: 16 days
Talk time: 5.5 hours
Weight    4.1 (ounces)
AC Adapter with USB cable
WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth: 3.0
Camera: 3 MegaPixel
Expantion Slot: MicroSDHC up to 32GB
MP3 Player
 Download: Samsung SGH-S720C Manual

Read this data lovers:

Re: Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Postby Jessica_ST » Sat May 05, 2012 9:56 am Good day, bseverson. My name is Jessica_ST and I'll be addressing your concern. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim will be available in two weeks and this will be powered by Verizon. All data features on the phone will work within your local zip code and it will also work outside your local zip code but with Wifi. You cannot use your data features on the phone without a Wifi outside local zip code. We hope this helps. Thank you. Jessica_ST Posts: 40 Joined: Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:51 am


Ruth (not verified)
straighttalk Samsung galaxy Proclaim w/Verizon network


Over the last 8 years, I have gone from Nextel/Sprint, to Tracfone to Straighttalk...have had it for years. Wanting to upgrade to an android, I had read reviews on the Samsung Proclaim, and that it had better service because it was the only android that Straighttalk sold that had the Verizon network; that it would work virtually anywhere. I had to order the proclaim online (because they weren't on ANY of the shelves at Walmarts in the surrounding areas where I live, and I wanted a phone on the Verizon network). I've had it for 2 weeks, and it had worked fine even on a 4 day trip to the Cape...right up until yesterday when the Verizon 3G stopped sending and receiving texts and calls. Long story; short, I was on the phone with Straighttalk customer service for over 1 1/2 hours at which time I was told "Verizon doesn't show record of your number at all, but everything with your phone looks good on our end. I'll have to escalate it, but you'll have to call back tomorrow because that department is now closed" (it closed 40 min prior) She "Guaranteed" it would be resolved tomorrow (which was NOW actually the wee hours of today). I was a bit skeptical because I had read a post elsewhere regarding Walmart pulling the Verizon service proclaim phones from their shelves, etc. Well, I called back this morning, and spoke w/Peter this time. Tried to tell him the above, that the information was supposed to have been in their system, and that it was supposed to have been "escalated", and I was guaranteed resolution today from that department. I asked him if he could please transfer me over. He just continued to say he would help me. Each time I did what he told me to do, I also explained this was all done last night for 1 1/2 hours, and reiterated what I had been informed. Long story short again, and almost another hour later of doing the same stuff I did last night, he said I'd have to call back tomorrow; that he has "escalated" it, but that that dept. was closed today. I'd have to call back tomorrow, and they'd direct me to the correct dept. (like today, I suppose) He would not give me the direct number to that dept.) So, though I have internet thru wiFi, I cannot make or receive any calls or texts because my Verizon 3G service with this Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is STILL not working. ....."Can you hear me now?" and Straighttalk is not resolving the issue with THIS Samsung Proclaim. At this point my review would be that paying almost $200 for a phone that doesn't get ANY service, let alone the Verizon 3G service you paid for, is not worth it; especially when you can't get Customer support to resolve the issue after 2 days and 2 1/2 hours on the phone w/Straighttalk. Tomorrow will be 3 days in with no resolution and no service. That is my information on this straighttalk w/Verizon network Samsung Galaxy Proclaim phone. Very sorry for this negative review, but my experience w/Straighttalk/Samsung Galaxy Proclaim on Verizon network has been a very negative one.
Chuck (not verified)
Great Phone


I was with Verizon for over 10 years. I loved their signal but hated the price. I was on the verge of buying an E5 which uses the AT&T signal (Sprint and T-mobile have no signal where I live) when this phone came out. One of the best purchases I ever made... I lose Verizon's steep price but keep their great network... This phone replaced my trusty Blackberry and I already like it better and I have not even had it for 1 week. Hat's off to Straight Talk for this one.
Sylvester (not verified)
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Larry (not verified)
Back to Verizon


I had Verizon then Sprint, so ready to get back with Verizon. Sprint service is so limited, get out of city or off interstate your screwed. Even in some cities service is limited.
me so happy (not verified)
I have one it works anywhere there is Verizion.


Verizon sucks, they have raped me for years. Payback time. Yes it works.When I updated and activated it, it has the verizon virtual operator.You know if you have ever waiting music. It is a quick phone with a 1gig processor . Verizon 3 g is slower then sprints.I have a precedent as well. Speed tested both in an area that had same reception.Sprint kicked Verizon's ass with a slower processor. Sprint has limited coverage where I travel or I would dump Verizon all together .
Tawana (not verified)
samsung proclaim S720C phone


I want that phone i wish i can get it free
Anonymous (not verified)
used 3g nav. about 90 miles


used 3g nav. about 90 miles from home zip code
MichelleH (not verified)
data coverage


I thought I'd let you all know what cust. service said about the data without wifi.I emailed and ask,(me)I have a few questions about the new proclaim, If you could help please, 1st. is it correct that this phone runs off of verizon towers? 2nd, Whats the rumor about you can only use data inside your own zipcode without having wifi connection,is this so, or can you use data where ever you have signal? I live in N.C. and go to Mrytle Beach,S.C. some, am I going to be able to use data along the way for gps or google maps if need be? Thanks,there response back to me was;(Cust. service) The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is one of our Android phones that are activated in Verizon network. Please be advised that all Android phones will only work with the unlimited service plan. You will have unlimited MB of web browsing and you will be able to use your Date services for as long as you have coverage. You will also be able to use the Wi-Fi connection if it has a Wi-Fi spot available. Thank you for your patience.
Chris (not verified)
Thanks Raymond! Good to know!


Thanks Raymond! Good to know!
Raymond (not verified)
it works


I travel 60 miles from my zip code with no problems.