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Net10's Official Response to Wontek's acticle Straight Talk Unlimited Con has finally caught up with them




March 1, 2013


At NET10 Wireless, we strive to offer the best product and services to all of our consumers.  Customers currently on the AT&T network will have the option to switch to a 4G LTE T-Mobile SIM and continue their service on the unlimited data plan through T-Mobile. T-Mobile will offer a total experience to our Net10 Wireless customers with nationwide coverage and 4G LTE internet speeds. 

This data plan change for NET10’s ”Bring Your Own Phone” (BYOP) AT&T compatible SIM does not affect any other NET10 service or TracFone brand, including Straight Talk Wireless.  

The change to a 1.5 gigabyte (GB) capped plan for customers who select an AT&T compatible SIM will not impact the majority of NET10 AT&T BYOP SIM customers.   However, all NET10 AT&T BYOP SIM customers are being notified of the change in the data plan and the option to convert to the 4G LTE T-Mobile SIM, at no cost.  

NET10 customers who have been identified as routinely exceeding 1.5 GB a month will be given a one-time opportunity to receive at no charge a 4G LTE T-Mobile SIM in order to switch to unlimited NET10 BYOP data via T-Mobile.   

NET10 is an excellent value for consumers and will remain so.   We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service.  NET10 expects to continue evolving in the coming months.   Our focus is on providing the best possible value to our customers and making sure that they fully understand all aspects of what we offer to them.  NET10 is all about better wireless for less.