Straight Talk Unlimited data actually 2GB then you’re cut off


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There has been a lot of talk of late about the $45 Unlimited data on Straight Talk BYO phone program with people getting calls from ST warning them that they are getting close to the limit of what is advertised as Unlimited. People are claiming that they are getting their phone cut off at 2GB, in particular the AT& T sim cards.

As you can see when you log into the StraightTalk website it doesn’t give you an idea of data usage:

Being a byo card user myself and not monitoring how much data I was using.. I thought there has to be a way that I can check how much data I have used, so I put my sim card into an AT&T USBConnect Lightning and it gave me the following stats:

Straight Talk AT&T Unlimited

I wonder if it is going to drop out at 2GB!