SafeLink Reviews

SafeLink Reviews


The SafeLink service is yet another phone company under Tracfone. The service is supposed to be a Lifeline for people that live under the US poverty line by giving them a free phone and services, restricted to one phone per household. The problem with this is they have no idea what they are doing, for example they might have a person living in a block of units with the same physical address of someone else that lives in the same block, when these people apply for a free phone they are denied and accused of have a phone already. This phone service is bad and they treat customers like second rate citizens. On top of this it seems to be abused by people that no how to abuse these programs.
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Networks used: VerizonCDMA Netork

SafeLink phones depend on where you live as to which phone you receive. Most of the phones they offer are on our Tracfone Reviews page. There is further reading at this Safelink Article here.

Coverage also depends on which phone you are given, but the large majority of phones are on the use the Verizon network. The handsets are only 2G voice and data connections are limited or not enabled. When you’re getting a phone for free, this shouldn’t really matter.
As stated earlier the phones that are free are often the same under the Tracfone brand, and these are only $9 to buy from a store, so for many people it could be easier to go to a store and by a phone from  Tracfone over the counter as the Tracfone plans are similar in price.

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viola cadenhead (not verified)
just lookin for some help

for some odd reason they took the 555 option off my cheap tracfone about 2yrs ago. so i had to start calling to get a set of codes to program my min. then someone else used my address to try and get a safelink line and now when i call for the code it only says that they are processin a request for that fone. if i do get my mins its the middle of the month. then someone stole the ragedy thing and now i cant even contact you all about getting a replacement. whats really going on. i dont see any good comments here for you guys but i really dont want to lose my service either so step yo game up

Sasha Cady (not verified)
Service and reception

Not only does the phone not work where I live in an old manufactured home (Feraday cage) in the forest, but service is non-existant. Today alone I was robotically guided through 4 phone numbers in a futile attempt to tell someone, anyone, that my phone doesn't work and I want to stop my service. I gave up. Assurance Wireless couldn't get theirs to work in a year and a half but at least they talked to me. Both of these Co.s got paid by somebody for this "service" I never could use. It is often a rip-off of the poor. I ended Assurance with 3 phones so cheap they didn't want them back!

Danny (not verified)
Phone not working

My phone quit working about a year ago.Now its missing.How and what should I do to get another one.One bad thing,i`m not sure who I had it through? There are a lot of gov. programs.

James Gralow (not verified)
Replacement phone

I beleive a phone is being returned to me soon.

Shandreka Bonner (not verified)
My phone is not working

My safe link phone is not working it will ring but I can't hear the person talk and they can't hear me how can I get a replacement my safe link number is 860-357-8542 and my date of birth is 01-01-1993 area code 06051 and my address has been changed 800 east 12 street Brooklyn New York,11230

Linda Grant (not verified)
15 digit promo code so I can get my minutes this month.

This is a pain in the neck. they keep tell me to get my minutes and don't give me my promo code

Sydney (not verified)
Tracfone not fulfilling its promises

Unfortunately I have been a tracfone customer for probably close to 6 or 7 years. I have a phone that is supposed to be double minutes. After promising that they would honor that and sending me a new sim card for the fone, they reneged on their statements. I was hoping that this would be a way out of that fone, as I am a senior on a non-income.

Girma Yami (not verified)
to enter verification code

I could not use my telephone apparatus to enter verification code. Can I get another alternative?

kate (not verified)
safelink service

been trying since nov 2012 to get a phone for an 81 yr old friend talk to very polite but usless people in India why India ? why are free government phones handled by a USA company on usa soil employing americans?

David walton. (not verified)
I want my phone

Hey I gave u all everything that u need where the u.all have everyrhing.u.need.its.been.over a month.and I still aint call me and let me.kno whats going on.heres my.number 3044390150