Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S2 (Video Review)


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After using the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S2 for a few days now I have got to say there are going to be some very happy people when they go out and get this phone.

The phone is overpriced for the Straight Talk brand and might not be a big seller unless they can bring the price down most people don’t have $350 dollars laying around which is how much the phone is currently priced. Price aside it is an amazing phone to use like mentioned in the video and is defiantly one of the best phones that Samsung has ever produced.

The image below of the phone is to scale so if you are using a Desktop or laptop commuter you can get an idea of the size of this phone, it is large but not so much that it looks like it is a tablet or other larger device.

If you are smitten with Straight Talk and have the cash I recommend going out and getting the Samsung Galaxy S2 based on this review.

If you have not transferred over to Straight Talk due not finding a phone that you like then this might be just enough to convince you to go to Straight Talk. The Samsung Galaxy S II S959G is to be released under Straight Talk in the next few months. This phone will unfortunately not appear in Walmart stores initially and will only be an online order only. Priced at just $350 ex tax the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S II will be the best phone by a long shot.

Included Battery    Lithium-ion
Size    4.5 x 2.3 x 0.5
Standby time    Up to 13 days
Talk time    Up to 5 hours
Weight    3.9 (ounces)
Screen: Super AMOLED
Included Accessories:

AC Adapter


3G/Wi-Fi Connectivity
5 M Camera/Video Recorder
7 Home Screens
Alarm Clock
Call Waiting
Caller ID
FM Radio
GPS Enabled
Gravity Sensor/Tilt and Shake
HAC Compatible
Handsfree Speaker
Instant Messaging
MP-3 Player
Text/Picture Messaging
Touch Screen

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S II



p (not verified)
still no 30.00 visa gift card


Bought the phone in December 6 2012 and was suppose to get a 30.00 gift card with it - got the flyer and states on my invoice stvisacard30 no promo number on the card and i have been calling since to get the 30.00 gift card from my original purchase date. Straight talk is really getting sad 5-15 they are escalating the problem. Why run a promo and offer a gift card and not have the promo code to give to the customer? Also noticed straight talk is also simple mobile besides tracfone so watch out they are using other company names guess because of the class action lawsuits against them for the unlimited bandwidth issues.
mimi frean (not verified)
new phone tragety


My husband and me went to wal-mart today to buy a cell ph. we are trying to do thid for one month now, finaly we did, but it was a big desastre,Varizon enrolled us in a contract we never had, and even do, we bought the phone, before been conected with straight talk, the salesman scan the minutes cards which between for the two of us $ 90.00 dollars, and is been taking me 2 hours to talk to some one in that co. to cancel it, and to ask then to send me a refund. I'm so mad, I think I don't going to get a new cell for awhile. now we have to send the cards to Indiana wereahouse, to have our money back, because wal mart coundn't refunded our money. So be carefull, don't let anyone activate your money minutes until is for sure that your order is final.
liz (not verified)
samsung galaxy SII


After I payed for the $60 dollar plan, I find out I can't send any International texts with this phone. I previously had the lg optimus Q and i could text internationally with the $45 dollar plan! What a rip off. Im very upset. If I would have know this before hand I would not have payed $349 for this phone!
MC (not verified)
Straight Talk Gallaxy II


I agree the phone price should be lower, since it is a pre-paid phone. Most people who buy into prepaid phones cannot afford a contracted phone service, or do not want to be locked into a contract for 2 years, since their prices are subject to change. Compared to the other Gallaxy II phones by AT&T and T-Mobile and other carriers, this phone is simple looking, does not come in different colors, at least I have not seen it, and no outstanding features like the contracted phones. I am happy to see Straight Talk branch out and compete with other carriers in the prepaid market. If they want to stay ahead of the game, they need to bring their prices down lower to beat the competiton.
Dale (not verified)


From what I was just reading on a sprint forim you might want to research the problems they are havimg since sprint automatically updated all their S2 customers to ICS
p (not verified)
great phone bad service


12-6 buying on site error in shopping cart, did the order again, noticed later in email 2 receipts, took over 3 hours to talk to someone to cancel 1 order, they shipped it anyway, took money from my acct and said refuse the phone and after they receive it back take 24 to 48hrs to give me my money back, still today no money back they wont get the duplicate phone back from fedex till thursday. Also their 30.00 gift card - does not have a code to get it from the website - waiting since friday for the code. Customer service lacks. Great phone.
Cathy (not verified)
Samsung Galaxy S2 webcam and etc


Hi I am wondering if the webcam face to face works good on Samsung Galaxy S2? Can you do anything two things at the same time? Like watching a movie on Netflix and talk on text or else same time? I really appericate it.. Thank you!
Bang (not verified)
How could I unlock this phone?


I want to unlock a phone: Galaxy s2 Straight Talk ( Tracfone) SGH-S959G. I cannot use any other sim cards . could anyone helps me? Thank you.
Lori (not verified)
Question about galaxy 11


I am wondering if this phone can be a mobile hotspot so I can get rid of my MIFI
Mark Condrey (not verified)
RE : Which network will this phone be using under the straight t


It will use AT&T.