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Networks used:

Verizon & SprintCDMA Netork

AT&TGSM Network

NET10 prepaid was founded in 2004 is a subsidiary of Tracfone wireless, the Carrier uses uses the AT&T & Verizon network. Each voice minute costs a flat rate of ten cents; text messages cost three or five cents with no additional fees. NET10 prepaid plan uses the slogan is No Bills, No Contracts, No Evil. Both airtime cards and autopay plans are called "Easy Minutes" and are available from all major stores, shops and online. The minutes are added by using the phone itself with Rapid Refill, or you can refill at the company's website. Minutes are carried over to the next month as long as service is still active. Net10 along with Straight Talk introduced Unlimited Talk, Text and Web plans, The Net10 Unlimited plans is $50 for 30 days, and $60 for Unlimited + International calls.

Net10 is one of those companies that have won over strong support from the public. Net10 initially had some very basic phone but know have a compressive range of cell phones and smart phones like the Android phones that came out during the last year. Our Net10 Reviews are the most compressive on the web and we have all the current phones covered. As of this time the most popular around phone has been the LG900G that has constantly been offered on special at place like Radio Shack for around the $29 mark. The Android phones are the only phones that have the 3G data option. All other phones are 2G.
Net10 plans or programs:  



  • $15 Easy Minutes Plus plan
  • Adds 200 MINUTES automatically every month
  • Adds 30 DAYS of SERVICE every month
  • Only $15/month
  • Enroll using your Credit Card
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • $30 Easy Minutes Plus plan
  • Adds 500 MINUTES automatically every month
    Adds 30 DAYS of SERVICE every month
    Only $30/month
     Enroll using your Credit Card
    No Cancellation Fees
  • Buy Minutes Anytime, Anywhere directly from your phone for total convenience
  • Talk on your terms and flexible options that fit your needs
  • Easy to enroll, Sign-up once and you''re ready to go!

International long distance:

NET10 Unlimited plans:

  • International Long Distance
  • Now you can call internationally from your NET10 phone for 15¢ or less, per minute.
  • Call over 60 international destinations whenever and wherever you need from the convenience of your NET10 phone!
  • You just need to register FREE to this service to activate NET10 International Long Distance on your phone. Don’t wait any longer!
  • Frequently Asked Questions for NET10 International Long Distance
  • International Neighbors
  • If you and your family hate those international long distance costs, then this service is for you!
  • Provide family and friends in Mexico or Canada a phone number in those countries to reach you at your NET10 phone in the U.S.
  • No more international long distance costs!
  • Frequently Asked Questions for NET10 International Neighbors
  • More info on Net10's website

Unlimited calling to all 50 US States

Unlimited texting including International text

Unlimited Web 3G (most speeds are 2G and less)

$50 per 30 Days


Unlimited + International calls

$60 per 30 days.