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Flappy Blue Burd

Ebay users have been get around Flappy Bird ban by calling the game Flappy Blue Bird, probably won’t take long before Ebay catches on. All other listing that were using the words “Flappy Bird” was deleted, but for now people are still listing their phones at some absolutely crazy prices, and many have bids. Also the Flappy Bird clone games are coming out by the Dozens from Flappy Duck to Flappy Bat the list goes on. How long can this crazy phenomenon keep going, how basic graphics have become so popular!

Ebay says no to Flappy Birds

Thinking of selling you phone with Flappy Birds installed? think again. Ebay has banned Phones with Flappy Birds installed from being listed. Here is the statement.

Straight Talk ZTE-Unico LTE Z930L
This is a pretty cool ZTE phone that has LTE!
in1case Review
Picture this, you have something stuck in your teeth and you’re that first date or another impressional outing! What do you do! There's no tooth picks around and you don’t want to start playing with your teeth! Well thank goodness you purchased the in1case for your iphone, and have many different tools available at your disposable. There are just too many times that these tools come in handy, you take your phone everywhere so why not turn it into a multitool tha...
Straight Talk ZTE Solar Z795G is a Android phone available on Straight Talk, it has Android 4.1 so this is one of the more up to date Straight Talk Phones. Specs are below.
ZTE Whirl Z660G
A Basic Android available on Straight Talk and Net10, Specs are below.
Straight Talk ZTE Majesty Z796C

Now the Straight Talk ZTE Majesty Z796C is one very cool Android phone, this would be considered a mid-range phone, and has a 5 MP Camera at the rear. For a ZTE this is a very cool phone.

ZTE Savvy Z750C
ZTE Savvy Z750C is another ZTE Android phone on Straight Talk and Net10, it is entry level, but like anything ZTE makes it is reasonable quality.
Straight Talk ZTE Valet Z665C
A nice basic Android phone from Straight Talk, only $29.99 new so if you after an entry level phone, this might be just what you need, check out the specs below.
Straight Talk Unimax U240C



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