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Walmart installs facial recognition cameras at head level

Over the last 4 months Walmart has been trialing facial recognition systems with Facebook in many of its US stores.

The newest cameras are being trialed at head level in the technology sections with a screen with the flashing word “recording” these are to ease the customer in to the fact that there are cameras watching and make them not look as scary.

Also more head level cameras are now at the entrances of the stores, facing in and out of the lobby area.

689,003 People turned into lab rats on Facebook without consent

689,003 People turned into lab rats on Facebook without consent
Well they have done it again at Facebook messing with people’s minds, allowing researchers to conduct an experiment on 689,003 English speaking users during Jan. 11 to Jan. 18, 2012. The experiment was posting comments and photos that were more positive or negative to see how people react.

The study is here:  National Academy of Sciences

ZTE LTE Wi-Fi HotSpot Z288L
Stright Talk best hotspot: ZTE LTE Wi-Fi HotSpot
Torrent Copyright Lawyers Caught in There Own Trap

This is old news that copyright lawyers have been uploading and sharing copyrighted material to try to capture peoples IP addresses, we have all known this for some time. However there has always been a lacking of evidence in writing.  Finally one of these leaches Prenda Law has been caught. 

Kill switch to be assed to Windows and Android Phones

A kill switch is going to be added to Windows and Android phones after the Secure Our Smartphones Initiative has gotten the message across to phone manufacturers that people want to have phones that are going to be less appealing to potential thieves.

MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D Printer Now Shipping

MakerBot Announces Shipping of the New MakerBotn Replicator Z18 3D Printer
MakerBot Believes the MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D Printer to Be the Most Disruptive in the Industry Based on Price and Build Volume

DuckDuckGo an amazing search engine with real results.

For years now we have come accustom to having every little piece of information that we search for on the internet sold, given away, exploited and used by law enforcement without warrant. Fast forward to 2014, people have had enough! The most rapid growing search engine is everything about it is better than what Google is throwing down our mouths and making us adapt to secretly and sometimes blatantly obvious .

Monetization is disabled on my channel

Some of you may remember the regular Wontek video reviews that we used to produce for various products and services, also our special coverage of CES 2013. Well late last year we encountered a technical error where we were having trouble getting our share of income from videos that were produced and uploaded on to Youtube.

Straight Talk Audiovox V10G ODB Car Tracker

This device will enable you to know where your vehicle is and how it’s being driven with the Audiovox V10G. It plugs into the OBD II port located in the majority of cars and trucks built after 1996 the device sends real-time updates via the built-in GSM connection to your computer or smart phone. Not a bad way to track your kids if they are borrowing the car, or if someone decides that you car would look better in their garage. Yet another addition to Straight Talk's products on the shelf.

Technical Specifications

LG Access LTE coming to Straight Talk

Straight Talk has a pretty cool LG Phone heading its way soon, the LG Access LTE. We don’t have much information on this phone right now so feel free to join in the comments below if you have some more info.


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