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Apple Finally Takes Responsibility for old iPhone5 Battery Problem

Apple’s flagship smartphone the iPhone has been plague with problems since its release to the public especially in relation to batteries and signal levels. 

Apple has defended many of the problems sighting the issues as being normal function, or blaming the customer for various things like the way they were holding the phone etc... Typical pass the buck nonsense that many companies will do to avoid a mass recall of defective products.

Cox Data Usage Notification‏

So you recently got an email from Cox stating you went over the allocated amount of data on your account. So what do you do? Do nothing, it's just a bluff email trying to get you to upgrade your account, or better still purchase their crappy security suite. Cox hates the fact that people use their Internet service to watch Netflix and other streaming services that are far better than their own TV and streaming services. Here is a sample of the letter which at this stage is just a scare tactics.

Dear John Smith,

Google took my life

Since the release of the Google search engine back in the late 90’s I have slowly become what might be diagnosed as mild to severe retardation, I have lost my intellectual and financial independence. Let me explain if you don’t know where I am going with this.

I used to know how to Speell Wordz: Seriously Google search engine has made me so slack when it comes to finding stuff of the web, I don’t have to know how to spell anything correctly, or even close it knows what I mean.

Alcatel Onetouch Pop Mega LTE

Another reasonable phone coming to Straight Talk Alcatel Onetouch Pop Mega LTE, this phone has no surprises, but around the $140 mark might make a good half way entry into the Android mark for someone without going into a huge amount of debt.

Moto 360 Smartwatch Info Leaked

The upcoming Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch has had its specs leaked courtesy of Bestbuy, you know the shop where you check out electronics, test them then go a find it cheaper online? Yes that place. Motorola has been keeping the Smartwatch’s specs under close guard. The page has since been taken down from Bestbuy’s website and the Geek squad member that put up the specs has probably been replaced.

Here is what we know:

Straight Talk Quartz (ZTE Z797C)

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ZTE QUARTZ + Unlimited* Plan

Apple granted FCC patent for new iWatch

Apple filed a patent for the iWatch (iTime) back in July 2011, and it has been finally granted today. Looking at the design it already looks like a lot of Android smart watches that are on the market today. It may be a case of too little too late for Apple with a shift in popularity already moving to alternatives. Sure Apple makes great products, MacBook etc.. but popularity was bound to die over time nothing can be popular forever.

Straight Talk ZTE Z289L 4G Hotspot

A new 4G LTE hotspot coming to Straight Talk soon (Straight Talk ZTE Z289L 4G Hotspot) I am sure is going to get a few tongues wagging. It is a nice looking unit complete with a color screen with proprietary menu system for managing the access point. I wouldn’t mind one myself! Tell us what you think?

What is TOR Browser?

TOR is a modified version of Firefox that has the ability for you to surf the Internet without the need to worry about who is watching what you search, after recent revelations of Government spying on our personal information it now makes even more sense to try to get a bit of our privacy back because I truly believe in this day and age we will never get it back.

Brandmotion Ships Vehicle-Specific Wireless Charging Phone Kits

SOUTHFIELD, MI, July 8, 2014 (SDG MEDIAWIRE) – In 2015, The Toyota Camry will join the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, 2014 Toyota Avalon and a handful of other vehicles as the only ones to be equipped with wireless phone charging from the factory. Well before that, Brandmotion will make custom-fit wireless charging a reality for just about every other vehicle on the road today. The Southfield, Mich.-based provider of innovative, vehicle-specific safety, convenience and customization solutions announced it has begun to ship the first four kits in its FreedomCharge line.


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